Front view of a single sad teen sitting on the floor in the living room at home with a dark background

Why Am I Crying?

Some people today feel that crying is a sign of weakness and should not be done. Even when they tear-up due to an emotional situation, they hold back and do everything possible to prevent other people from seeing they have been moved. Unfortunately, the long-term result of this is that they pile up their emotions and be vulnerable to get a break down in the future.

Good to know

Other individuals cry openly about most things that happen throughout the week, even if others may not find the events to be deserving of such a response. It appears that they walk around with tears being just under the surface and the smallest little circumstance can result in an overflow. This scenario can be embarrassing, not just to the individual who’s crying, but also to friends, family or co-workers who actually do not know what to say.

Some people actually use their tears to get their needs met as a form of exploitation. They shout as a ploy for sympathy and, even though it’s an unhealthy method, often break down the other men and women who’ll give them what they need merely to stop the tears. Have you ever heard anyone say that they can’t cry? They frequently blame the drugs they’ve been prescribed to combat their depression. They might feel like crying but the tears don’t come and this is can be somewhat upsetting for them.

Keep in mind

Most of us cry at times that we and others believe are “appropriate” – such as when there’s been a substantial reduction or death, during times of physical pain or once we have experienced a truly delightful experience. The tears may lead to our own recovery and, at precisely the exact same time, open up an environment where others feel secure to permit their feelings to surface.

Crying together with somebody else can form a special and intimate bond since the item that initiated them was shared. It’s interesting to consider how parents learn how to recognize the different kinds of crying that a baby uses to get needs met. Sometimes the tears are related to hunger, or fear or pain.

Other times, however, the tears are used in a manipulative way to capture attention and are quickly replaced with a enormous smile once the child is picked up. Consider how many times you shout and the reasons for doing this.


Do you cry more or less frequently than others? Are the tears coming more or less frequently than previously? Have you got a good reason to shout or is the situation perplexing? What are the messages which you give to yourself and others about expressing your emotions? Instead, consider tears as a very human behavior that honours your feelings and gives others with a very real picture of who you are. Tears shouldn’t be emphasized or avoided or concealed. They’re now an outside reflection of what’s happening in the inside of an individual and must be valued.