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Which Are The Effects Of Acne?

When dermatologists and other doctors face acne severe enough to contribute to suicidal feelings, they frequently proceed straight to prescribing the most extreme anti-acne medicine whatsoever, Accutane (about which we’ll write in more detail later). It works to eliminate just about all acne .

Side effects

However, it may have severe side effects, such as bleeding gums, dry mouth and cracked lips, improved sunlight sensitivity, hair loss, headaches, and dried nasal linings, which might lead to nosebleeds. It can also cause birth defects and should therefore never be used by women who are or soon want to become pregnant.

Obviously, a patient who’s attracted to thoughts of suicide by acne is very likely to endure more generally from depression also. No doubt that the acne aggravates those feelings, but it’s probably not their sole cause. Thus, the alleviation of depression that may result from removing acne by taking Accutane might be offset, at least in part, by other physical problems brought on by the Accutane. These, in turn, may influence the underlying depression.


While lots of men and women feel more miserable about their acne compared to the symptoms appear to justify, it’s also true that for most victims acne is so stark that they are on the mark in believing that their appearance is compared to others. If severe acne is left untreated, it may leave permanent scars to mar an otherwise handsome or beautiful face.

The most frequent type-and the least severe-is generally called ice picks. It’s a result of the reduction of part of the skin so the skin”dimples” slightly.

The second kind of scar, known as craters, happens when the skin is”captured” from the scar tissue of a deeper acne lesion and is pulled into a deeper pit.

Sometimes, especially on Black or darker skin, acne place may become keloids, which are similar to flat warts increased on the surface of the skin. Initially itchy and red, they finally become dark and hard. They can grow to several centimeters in diameter.


No scars are easy to remove, however, as we will discuss later, there’s quite a lot which may be done to minimize their visibility. The best course. By far is to heal your acne before scarring becomes a problem. Countless acne sufferers suffer the physical and psychological effects of acne, and millions of dollars are spent trying to take care of it. Until today, there has been no cure. Obviously, there’s an ocean of ignorance about the illness in both the public and the medical communities.