Cancer cells

What Is The Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Cure?

Jimmy Carter’s cancer treatment was a breakthrough and godsend for many people expected to negotiate this horrible disease. The big distinction is that his treatment was successful with no use of conventional and nauseating chemotherapy. Cancer is the second leading cause of death behind cardiovascular disease.

Let’s understand it

That’s more than 1600 Americans daily. If you ever watched a friend or family undergo chemotherapy, you know just how awful and sickening that could be. Worse yet, some doctors use chemotherapy for certain cancers which never have reacted to that therapy. Trying to locate research that shows if chemotherapy works or not is difficult. We know that 97 percent of patients who receive this therapy are dead in under five decades.

But, simple studies comparing those treated versus those that are not to assess if life is extended can’t be found. Yet, most oncologists want to inject this to you and let you know its the only way. Earlier this season, 91 year old Jimmy Carter declared his cancer treatment after using new immune boosting drugs. He had been suffering from metastatic(spreading) melanoma into his liver and brain. Jimmy Carter has been given a mixture of Keytruda, surgery, and radiation therapy to send his cancer into remission.

Immune system

This Life Extension article cites three approved immune drugs also known as check point inhibitors: Yervoy, Opdivo and Keytruda. Before, cancers with multiple gene mutations were more challenging to treat. With these new medications, it’s multiple mutations that react most favorably. The report points out another study that injected the immune medication interleukin-2 into cancer tumors. All 11 patients in the study reacted with an entire lack of cancerous cells in a contend srinkage of their tumor.

Concerning treating breast cancer, a similar protocol known as photodynamic immunotherapy was utilized. It starts with sending a photosensitizing agent to the tumor. This allows the immune system to mount a response. Survival rates of these 15 women was comparable or exceeded conventional procedures. Except in this case, there was no mastectomy, no radiation, no chemotherapy and no severe side effects. To conclude, not everybody reacts and Jimmy Carter.

Final note

But, the architecture for treating cancer is obviously changing. Instead of kill the cells, the drugs fortify your immune reaction. In cases like this, we have some studies that actually show results. Now you’ve got a choice and may ask your oncologist about this new immunotherapy. Finally, a new day has arrived for cancer therapy and survival prices.