jar of lavender honey with dried lavender and honeycombs on wooden table

What Is Raw Honey Again?

Raw honey is one the most sought-after products on the market. Honey can be obtained from certain flowers, but not all. The main source is beekeeping. In order to meet the demands of the world, bee keepers will have large colonies of bees. Honey is a delicious addition to breakfast. However, it also has many medical benefits.

Raw honey

It is one the most popular sweeteners on the market at the moment. It has been so for centuries. Raw honey is not processed and does not require any additives to make it sweet. It is mainly 38% fructose and 31% glucose. It is a popular alternative sweetener that people love and beekeeping is a highly profitable business.

Honey is a form of food that bees keep in their hives during winter when other food sources are scarce. A typical beehive contains one queen, several hundred male workers, and as many as forty thousand female workers. There are many kinds of honey. The taste is determined by where the nectar was obtained. The majority of honey you find in stores is a mixture of honey from different flowers.

Let’s understand it

You can easily extract raw honey from modern bee hives by simply pulling out a wooden slide with a comb structure. The structure is used by bees to store honey. To drain the honey, one simply needs to reinsert it. The colony is left intact and the honey is only taken. The bees would not be able to consume all the honey, and a dead bee colony would be detrimental to beekeeping. Some believe raw honey can be used to treat allergies.

Some believe that honey that has not been filtered and still contains traces of the sealing wax and other materials can increase allergy resistance. Food agencies are yet to confirm if this works. Beekeeping is a demanding job. It is important to protect yourself. When they are walking around their beehives, bee keepers will wear full screen suits. Even though they don’t directly threaten the bees, there is still the possibility of them being stung. Even with the best protection, there are still chances of being stung.


Although most domesticated bees don’t seem to be aggressive, if you do threaten their colony, you could have a problem. There are two possible risks when you try to extract raw honey from a wild hive. Number one, you are climbing up a tree and could fall on your neck. Number two, if you disturb the hive while everyone is home, you might not make it out alive. Bee keeping is safer than natural gathering. No matter if you are looking for raw honey for your food or medical purposes, chances are it won’t be found on a tree. Honey that is available in stores is made from honey bees and is safe to eat. It can be used in everything, from pancakes to biscuits, and is a great sweetener in hot drinks. It has been used by some to treat burns in emergency situations.