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What Are The Best Psoriasis Remedies?

Although some of the best home remedies for psoriasis can be used, many are combined with prescriptions from a doctor. Psoriasis sufferers often combine home remedies with doctor’s medication to alleviate their symptoms. You shouldn’t cover up psoriasis lesions as it can worsen the condition.

Skin damage

However, a homemade makeup made of Indian earth and an emollient may be used to cover the lesions. It won’t cause any skin damage. Use a makeup sponge for a gentle application of the mixture. It covers the lesions easily. Positive attitude is key to reducing psoriasis. Stressing out about things can only lead to psoriasis flare-ups. You will end up spending weeks or months trying to clear it.

Positive attitude is key. To lubricate all parts of your skin, use emollients like creams, oils, and ointments. Emollients can help your skin retain moisture and reduce the appearance of flakes that are common in psoriasis. Let the emollients dry in the tub, then apply again. Even vegetable shortening or petroleum jelly can be used as emollients to treat psoriasis. Apply them while your skin is still damp.


Get regular sunshine. Sunshine can help with psoriasis in 95 per cent of patients. For psoriasis relief, you can go to the Dead Sea and take in the sun and salty water. You can use sunscreen even if you don’t have any psoriasis. You can use a small UVB sunlamp to treat small areas of psoriasis. You can also use the UVA light from tanning beds, but this is a weaker therapy option and you should consult your doctor.

OTC coal tar preparations can be purchased without a prescription. You can either take a tar oil bath, or apply it to your skin. You can do this at night, but it will stain clothing and cause it to stink. Wash it off at night. You should be cautious when you are out in the sun because coal tar can increase your sensitivity to sunlight.


Hot whirlpools are a great way to relax. This will flatten the plaques and reduce scaling. However, it can make your itching worse. For itching, you can try a cold water bath with half a cup of apple cider vinegar in it. Itching can be reduced by applying ice to the skin. Although they are less potent than prescription cortisone creams, over-the-counter cortisone creams can be used on the skin and genitals.

Cortisone cream can easily be absorbed. Wrap the lesions with plastic wrap for a few weeks or days to help clear up psoriasis. This is especially true if cortisone cream was used first. Doctors may use strong cortisone creams as well as vitamin A and D analogues, UVA lighting with psoralens, and biologics. These injectable medications target parts of the immune system and improve psoriasis. To achieve the best possible management of your psoriasis, you can use both prescription medications as well as home remedies.