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What Are Headache Causes?

A large portion of the population lives in pain, but they accept it as part of their lives and find ways to manage it. This is a headache that affects the right eye and can be very severe. The headache can start as a pulsing ache, which can quickly escalate into throbbing pain for no apparent reason. These symptoms may sound familiar. You should visit your doctor for a series tests.

Eyes Care

Before you look into other options, make an appointment to see your optometrist. You may need corrective lenses to treat strain in one or both eyes. You will experience the worst headaches of your life if you don’t have corrective lenses. If you’re still here, the doctors have not found anything about the reason for your headache. You will need to do your own research. Let’s start with your diet. There could be something that you are eating or have recently stopped eating that is triggering the condition.


Caffeine, a stimulant, is what most people consume in the morning. Are you a coffee drinker who has recently stopped drinking coffee? Do not dismiss the effects caffeine has on your body. You should also consider the use of powerful aerosol sprays at home. Although some cleaning agents are effective in killing germs, the chemicals in sprays can cause headaches.

Are you working too hard after considering the environment and diet factors? People across the country are feeling stressed by the country’s ailing economy. The body can feel tension in the right eye if you worry about bills and work. Talking with family members or taking your dog on a walk can help you to reduce stress. You can find healthy ways to reduce your inner tension and this will help you feel some of the pain.