Hand painted mandala stones closeup

How To Teach Children And Teens About Mandalas?

Mandalas are geometric patterns starting from a central dot, working out in repetitive patterns, often incorporating symbols and vibrant color. A circle within a circle is a universal pattern filled with symbolic meaning. It’s simple yet comprises an element of the eternal. Mandalas remind us of our connection to the […]

Zipper reveals healthy white blood cells ready to fight off the coronavirus epidemic as symbol for immune system 3D Illustration

Did You Know This About Immune Breakthrough?

When pressed for a reason , you might have attributed it to a”strong constitution” or”good genes.” And, you would be right! But there are those people who’ve experienced health challenges, and are still searching for answers beyond the”basic four”. Nutrition, sleep, sleep, fresh air and sun, a simplistic wellness model […]

Black and white Jesus Christ open empty hands with palm up on heaven background

Should We Wait On The Healing?

God, the Holy Spirit, brings forth healing. Healing isn’t just geared to only the physical, but may be manifested in different areas: psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Broken bones can be treated. Mental deficiencies can be treated. Those who have been injured or broken-hearted can be treated. Those who haven’t accepted […]

Human raised hands over blurred concert background

Why Is God Your Doctor?

You need to believe that God can help you become a better person and your life will be meaningful. If you do not have faith you do not have the guts to do what’s necessary so as to get rid of your evil self. So, you can’t succeed over all […]