A person suffering from depression

Does Your Condition Need Medical Attention?

One clear fact about an emotion is that if you are feeling good about yourself, really unique and wonderful, your’self esteem’ is high; there’s no down to become experienced. When you’re feeling really poorly about yourself and your self worth, there’s no up on your experience. Those who assert that […]

Full length portrait of mother gently teaching little daughter her first yoga notions careful near kids body helping daughter finished action in the fitness class at school.

Can Kids Appreciate The Disciplines Of Yoga?

Well, think back to your own childhood. Feeling bombarded with homework assignments, pressure to compete with other kids in sports and school, plenty of after-school obligations. While it might not compare to the pressures you’ve got these days, it can be a significant burden for a young child. But just […]

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How To Live An Intentional Life?

Find your passion. What happens in your life that gets you energized? What steps can you choose to live that fire and make a living with your passion?  Live life by choice, not by chance. That’s the essence of Intentional. By definition it’s conscious design or purpose; made or done […]