A dark bottle of essential oil with fresh melissa leaves, top view. Aromatherapz or herbal medicine.

What Is Melissa Essential Oil Good For?

Melissa Essential Oil, also known as sweet balm or lemon balm, is a well-known oil that delivers a unique way to tickle the senses to everyone who has used it. It is well-known for its combination of lemon-like, honey-like, and fresh smells. It has a pale yellow color and a […]

Glass bottle of melissa (lemon balm) essential oil with fresh melissa leaves, herbal medicine concept, aromatheraphy

What Is Melissa Oil?

Melissa Oil is also known by the name Lemon Balm. This essential oil is also known in Latin as Melissa Officinalis. Melissa can be grown in iron-rich soils all over the globe. Melissa is most often found in the Mediterranean region. Actually, Melissa is Greek for Honey Bee. Melissa can […]

Close up view of woman herbalist mixing various dried herbs for traditional medicinal tea with mortar and pestle. Dried herbs in glass jars on background.

Why To Use Holistic Herbal Solutions?

Holistic herbal solutions may also be described as or just called natural home remedies. There are far more ways than you can think of to help yourself be naturally healthy or healthier. I am not saying that you need to totally discount you primary care doctor but I am saying […]

A bottle of melissa (lemon balm) essential oil with fresh melissa leaves in the background

Do Herbal Treatments Calm Sinusitis?

In comparison to a couple of years back, now sinus infections are more widespread. Believe it, there are countless people on earth, that are affected by sinusitis every year. People, who used to favor having antibiotics and prescribed drugs, are slowly realizing that these don’t actually have a lasting effects. […]