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Why To Eat Honey After Meals?

In my opinion, honey could very well be the oldest known kind of food ever. You can find records that date back again to the Stone Age group, where cave men would have sticks to be able to drive away the crazy bees from attacking them if they test to […]

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Are There Good Tips For Great Health?

Many people neglect very simple ways to healthful living and eating. Our meals are filled with toxins, chemicals and preservatives when you eat make an effort to think organic which is the simplest way to know your eating correct. In the past man would eat food direct from the fruit […]

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How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season?

Optimize your Supplement D intake. One good technique for avoiding infection generally and specifically the flu. Numerous experts today believe the flu is actually a Vitamin D deficiency. WORK WITH A PROTEASE ENZYME. Flu is really a protein so going for a protease enzyme between foods on a clear stomach […]

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Are The Foods In Our Diet Good For Us?

For the past 12 to13 years, the pharmaceutical industry and food industry kept this secret from you! Your children and you have been eating Genetically Modified Organisms (also known as transgenic or genetically engineered foods) for the past 12 to 13 years. The FDA is aware of this but has […]

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What To Do When Digestive Issues Are Consistent?

You might be curious about the differences between honey bee pollen, and flower pollen. Although they are both beneficial for the human body, there is a distinct difference that places honey bee pollen in an entirely different category. They look exactly the same at first. Both come from the male […]

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Do We Want Bioflavonoids?

There’s an insect which makes food for humans plus they are the only types that can do it! Without doubt, you’ve crossed paths with a couple of in your day and perhaps it startled you, perhaps you got to evict them out of your home. Whatever the situation, the truth […]

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Did You Know These Honey’s History Facts?

Many people have eaten honey or seen honey at some point in their lives. But what many people don’t know is the history of honey. According to cave paintings, honey collection began nearly 8,000 years ago. Cave paintings show people carrying gourds and baskets to collect honey from wild bees. […]

Beekeeper is uncapping honeycomb with special fork, prepares to harvest honey. Apriculture and sericulture concept

Why To Choose Raw Honey?

Many of the nutrients have been removed from honey sold in supermarkets. Surprisingly, more than 3/4 of honey sold in the U.S. is pasteurized. Honey is pasteurized, which kills some of its nutrition. After honey is extracted from the comb it is strained, filtered and pasteurized. It is then heated […]

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How To Treat Age Spots?

There is a natural remedy for age spots. Beauty enthusiasts used plant extracts, animal fats and bee products to treat common skin problems. Cleopatra was hailed as the most beautiful woman of ancient times and bathed in honey and milk. Too much sun exposure can cause age spots. Skin Care […]