Medical 3D illustration of three cancer cells with a cell surface

Are There Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Insulin Potentiation Therapy, generally known by the initials IPT, is another treatment that uses standard, approved cancer-fighting drugs in lower doses, thereby eliminating a number of the debilitating side effects so common with traditional chemotherapy. Side effects The side effects are significantly reduced since the chemotherapy doses can be as […]

Closeup Gotu Kola leaves ( Asiatic pennywort, Indian pennywort, Centella asiatica ) and bottle of essential oil extract isolated on wood table background. Tropical medical herbal plant concept.

How To Naturally Regrowth Hair For Men?

It usually happens that a dad starts losing his hair on his mid-twenties, and now his siblings have started to go through the same around that time. If this sounds familiar, do not panic. Modern medicine and ancient wisdom can combine together into effective hair regrowth treatments that will bring […]

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How To Optimize Your Immune System?

This question is most likely among the most disturbing questions. Why? Because literally tens of thousands, even millions are based on this vaccine to give them a fighting chances against this H1N1 virus. There’s a whole lot of doubt about the safety of the vaccine. It’s reported that even some […]

Tea leaves on a spoon

Does Green Tea Boost The Immune System?

Green tea antioxidants are thought to be hundred times more powerful than vitamin E. Precisely for this reason it’s quite popular today among health conscious community. Once you find the herb from health viewpoint, maybe you should think about taking it in extract form rather than to take as a […]

Athletic mother exercising in plank position while being with her baby in a health club. Copy space.

How To Use Your Love Power?

Several months ago I boarded a plane in Chicago headed for Portland. When I settled into my chair, a baby several rows back started to shout. Full of love for my new grandbaby, I chose to send the baby- and the parents- some love. Closing my eyes I settled back […]

Scratch Allergic skin from mosquito or insect bites

How To Treat Urticaria?

For those who have had to endure urticaria for just about any amount of time you shall undoubtedly know very well what I mean. Of course if you only experience the occasional episode of acute urticaria because the result of getting into contact with a particular allergen, That is new […]

Concept manipulation of consciousnes, subjection, hypnosis. Image created using multiple exposures on light background.

What Can Hypnosis Do For You?

When hypnosis is said the first thought is usually about entertainment and individuals looking foolish on point. The next idea is usually about smoking, and if there were any enthusiasm left for a third thought that would probably be about weight loss. These are the locations that hypnosis is associated […]

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Are There Stress Tough People?

Stress is something that impairs your mind to believe or act on something. There are a few stress tough men and women. Stress tough individuals usually thrive on stress and deal with anxiety which would put the average person into tailspin. Stress toughness is due to”commitment”, challenge and control. Accept […]

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How To Easily Boost Your Immune System?

Boosting Your Immune System Easily and Naturally? The news now is highlighting the influenza virus is sweeping across the world at record speed, and the predictions are that a high percentage of us will be affected at any time to a degree. It appears that the very young, elderly folk […]

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What Is Causing You Depression?

In simpler terms, you’re a worrier. In a gathering, you’re most likely to be on your own, lost in your own thoughts, considering everything you could have done or said this past year, to change your entire situation. You worry about the past, future and now. You probably look at […]