Male and female hands tearing a red heart symbol of love in half

Breakup? What Happens To Your Heart After That?

The days to follow after the debilitating exchange of “goodbyes” would be the most painful part after a romantic breakup. At this time, your journey to being gloomy begins. Initially, you’d glumly attempt to move forward and live your life in a disoriented state. And no matter how draggingly debilitating […]

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How To Eradicate Apathy?

Do you experience days like this? After dragging yourself from bed, you go through your morning rituals more asleep than awake; you drive to the office with a poker face, silently wishing moving another way. Then you get to the office and head for the coffee machine in which you […]

Boy teenager gives interview to woman psychologist in office, college student at consultation. Adolescence, mental health, social life of teenager

Trouble With Psychotherapy?

The problem with psychotherapy, as it’s usually done now, is that both the therapist and the individual do not grasp the fact that the majority of what happens in the counselling office is that the patient is attempting to”fix” their own history. The individual remains upset and hurt about being […]

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Should We Wait On The Healing?

God, the Holy Spirit, brings forth healing. Healing isn’t just geared to only the physical, but may be manifested in different areas: psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Broken bones can be treated. Mental deficiencies can be treated. Those who have been injured or broken-hearted can be treated. Those who haven’t accepted […]

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How Does Anger Affects Your Health?

The effects of anger on health have more to do with length than frequency and intensity. The normal experience of overt anger lasts only a couple of minutes. But the subtle forms of anger, such as bitterness, impatience, irritability, grouchiness, etc., can go on for hours and hours at a […]

Concept of patience. A row of burnt matches, from left to right, from almost a whole match to a completely burnt match to the dust. White background, flat lay.

Is Your Life Out Of Control?

Are you feeling stressed, pressured and unsure about how to deal with a continuous stream of stressful events? Does your life feel out of control? Join one of the largest single groups in the nation. I call it the SOG. That’s, stressed out creation. Nobody is immune today from an […]

Front view of a single sad teen sitting on the floor in the living room at home with a dark background

Why Am I Crying?

Some people today feel that crying is a sign of weakness and should not be done. Even when they tear-up due to an emotional situation, they hold back and do everything possible to prevent other people from seeing they have been moved. Unfortunately, the long-term result of this is that […]

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Flaky, Dry Penis Skin?

The look of flaky, dry skin is understandably upsetting to many men. In the first place, dryness may result in considerable distress, and it can cause sex or self-gratification debilitating. In the next place, it may be a source of embarrassment – what guy would like to show himself to […]

Close up portrait of young woman with eyes closed having thermal steam treatment on face. Girl wearing white gown laying on couch in spa.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads Fast?

How Can I Remove My Blackheads Fast? Eliminating your blackheads quickly is possible, but I urge you not to squeeze them. Squeezing them could cause you many problems like damaged pores as well as skin ailments. I can show you safely how to eliminate your blackheads fast. Before I’ve pushed […]