Working bees on honeycomb

What About The Food From The World Of The Bees?

As you discovered from a youthful article, the Russians likely have carried out the majority of the analysis at the Kazan Veterinary Institute in 1947 to find the amazing properties that substance embodies. So much in order that bee food (propolis) had become known as ‘Russian Penicillin’ ahead of this […]

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Do We Want Bioflavonoids?

There’s an insect which makes food for humans plus they are the only types that can do it! Without doubt, you’ve crossed paths with a couple of in your day and perhaps it startled you, perhaps you got to evict them out of your home. Whatever the situation, the truth […]

abstract of honey bee honeycomb propolis background with beautiful bokeh.

What Is Bee Propolis?

If you think you know everything there is to know about bees, and the products they offer you might reconsider your decision. Bee propolis is known to be good for the hive. It is even better for you. You will need to rethink your decision and look forward to learning […]

Close up/macro shot of a single honey bee. Detail of the body, wings, legs, head, antennas and eyes.

Is Propolis Made From Resins From Trees?

The story of how propolis is made is very different from the way bees collect their pollen. Propolis also contains polyphenols that can be found in bee pollen. Propolis has a higher amount of propolis than the other. The pollen is used by bees as food. Propolis The propolis is […]

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What Are Propolis Health Benefits?

Propolis, a natural antibiotic, is rapidly gaining popularity for home remedies. It’s one those bee products that makes me marvel at the beauty of nature and at the incredible organization of the honey bee. Let me now tell you what propolis is. Immune system As part of their immune system, […]

Propolis granules in a wooden spoon. Bee glue. Bee products. Apitherapy. Apiculture

Did You Know This About Propolis?

Bees are really remarkable creatures. Aside from providing an essential role in a lot of our food offer through their assist with pollination, in addition they provide us with wonderful organic, healthy bee products. Once you think of bees, a lot of people immediately think about honey. Honey It has […]

Group of yellow bees on the hive frame Insect in the spring wild naturer close-up. Apiary in the meadows. Macrophotography.

How To Increase Your Honey Profits?

Honey-processing and beekeeping are just like any other business. Beekeepers need to take the necessary steps in order to increase their productivity which will make their business more lucrative. Beekeepers must ensure that their beehives are maintained throughout the year in order to preserve the quality and quantity they produce […]

Hardworking honey bees on honeycomb in apiary in late summertime

What Is Propolis Again?

Propolis is a natural resin that bees create. This component is made by bees from buds of different plants. The resin is also made from several other secretions by the bees. Propolis is often cited as an alternative medication. It can be used to treat a variety of health problems. […]

Bees swarming and feeding on the comb inside the hive

What Is Propolis Again?

Nature has a cold treatment substance that can fight infection. This substance not only kills disease-causing pathogens but also strengthens the immune system. Modern research has shown that this natural product is the only one that can be used simultaneously as an antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral. Let’s start A […]