Fit man doing a Pincha Mayurasana yoga pose assisted by a female personal trainer in a bright modern gym with potted palm tree in a health and fitness concept

How To Become A Skilled Yoga Instructor?

Yoga is a lot more than simply having a valuable variety of esoteric physical patterns. Apart from being an ancient and increasing science it is an art of life, it’s a science entailing certain abilities and practices frequently used incrementally and sensitively in response to the present subtleties. The art […]

Attractive sportive student is doing stretching in the park at the morning.

Why To Love Yoga If You Are A Runner?

When I first started running I felt a bit tight and sore afterwards though I didn’t stress much. My thigh muscles would hurt horribly. So I thought why not mix yoga with jogging. Since Yoga is a fitness exercise that centers on the physical and spiritual state of the human […]

Business people practicing yoga in park

Yoga For Your Busy Life?

I’ve practiced yoga for more than twenty years in four different countries. I have had some terrific teachers and a few not so great educators. I’ve had to travel to other regions to attend the classes I couldn’t get in my own place. This always took time which I didn’t […]

Colorful yoga mats rolled up on a wooden floor in a yoga studio.

What Should You Know About A Yoga Mat?

When practicing yoga, you will need to make certain investments. These investments will do a great deal for your flawless performance, advantages that you receive from performing a variety of asanas and overall wellbeing. Among the most significant investments you need to make before you start off with your program […]

Young woman alone at home during quarantine in covid-19 situation sitting in lotus position meditating

How To Start Basic Yoga Postures?

Are you aware with the fact that there are some yoga postures which are simple to learn and perform really? But, lots of individuals are still unaware what exactly yoga postures are, particularly the men and women that are new to yoga. If you’re new to this kind of exercise […]

Fitness coach teaching yoga online to group of people. Yoga trainer demonstrating yoga poses to students via video conference.

Which Are The Benefits Of Yoga On Health?

The source of Yoga dates back to the 8th century BC. It’s usually known as an ancient and mysterious practice. The notion of yoga can be tracked in the Mahabharata and the Upanishads. Additionally it is evident that throughout the Indus Valley culture yoga has been practiced. The sculptures which […]