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What To Know About Migraine Headache Symptoms?

A migraine headache is most commonly recognized by severe pain around the temple. Other symptoms include light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting. You may also feel like all noises are going through your head. More than 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches each year. These headaches can cause missed work days. Migraine headaches affect more women than any other group.

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They can also be experienced by men, and they are not uncommon in children and teenagers. A majority of migraine sufferers will never see a doctor. Different people have different migraine durations. Some people may experience a migraine for several hours. It is possible for migraine symptoms and headaches to last several days. It is not clear why these headaches occur. The idea that the blood vessels in your brain dilate and cause pain was popular at one point.

This theory was disproved by later research. These occurrences can be attributed to genetics, where brain chemicals interact with nerve cells. There are two types of migraine.


The first type of migraine is called the “classic migraine”. This means that the sufferer will see an aura before they feel the symptoms. A person who sees this aura knows that a headache is almost always a few days away. Aura usually manifests itself as flashing lights or bright spots, visual hallucinations, vision loss, and sometimes even vision loss. If the aura symptoms are not associated with the headache, the sufferer falls under the other category of migraines. The cause of these headaches is just as mysterious as the headaches themselves.


A migraine can occur in people who get too little sleep. An attack can sometimes be triggered by eating the wrong foods. Wine and cheese are two examples of trigger foods. Avoiding meals is a bad idea if you want to prevent migraines. The hormone theory of migraines explains why migraines are more common in women than in men. The headache’s cause and duration may be related to hormones.

Recent research has shown a strong link between migraines and birth control pills. This theory is based on the fact that estrogen in pills can affect blood vessels. Simple everyday tasks, such as exercise, can sometimes cause an attack. A combination of stress and extreme heat or cold can cause an attack. An attack can be triggered by a combination of several factors. It is possible to identify a pattern by taking notes about the circumstances that led to the attacks. This may help to keep them under control. These headaches can be stopped with many medical treatments.


Different people may experience different relief. This means that not all people will benefit from the same treatment. Sometimes a simple aspirin, or aspirin substitute, will work. In other cases, a prescription is required.