Sjuk ung kvinna blåser näsan med hjälp av silkespapper medan hon sitter hemma i soffan.

Vad är bostadsallergier?

Spring brings changes to our regular life and health. Having runny noses, coughs and itching eyes have been experienced too often and the regional pharmacies appear to be doing great business, while the affected ones continue to wonder whether it is dust, mould or pollens that has attacked them. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the majority of us remain inside for the majority of the time.

Visste du det?

There’s a strong probability of your home being the cause of your illness! Are you surprised? Try recalling was not it wonderful to be out while you’re young. You may have the ability to recollect the windows would be thrown open and the doors had displays on them instead of glass that we’ve got so used to now.

Sure, you can remember winter drafts in the area of windows and doors. Having energy efficient homes necessitates eliminating these drafts and needs the home be sealed to include heat inside. And, in summers you will need to keep it insulated once more to reduce loss of cool air that you create at a heavy expense, the price of electricity being what it is now. It means there is hardly any ventilation since there’s not much of a chance for fresh air to enter or the rancid, read conditioned, air to escape. Well, that is air conditioning for your comfort, be it winter or summer but there isn’t any way to freshen up air found in the room. Add to above the hottest products available nowadays. You know there are on offer types of spray supposed to be sprayed in your linen, sofa and rug to freshen up air that surrounds you inside.

But, do you understand that by using these sprays you’re developing a breathing environment with all kinds of chemicals. One of these times you read the contents mentioned on one can of spray and do not be surprised to learn that it contains chemicals like butane and other compressed gases. Some of the things are known to be carcinogenic and are listed on EPA. Imagine cleaning your home with chlorine! Chlorine continued to be employed by army for killing people. We’re employing different substances for cleaning software. There’s little doubt these substances were intended for being used for these purposes.

Avslutande anmärkning

Further, the can offers directions for use, specifying that it be utilized under well ventilated spaces. At least let us follow the directions if we must use such compounds for freshening up the distance. Take care to save your pets also while employing such way of attempting to make outdoors kind of air inside. That should leave no doubt of the powerful odds of your house making you sick. There are lots of known cases of such household goods, or shall we say substances, having seriously damaged the health of the occupants, especially growing children.