Child's foot sole, with verruca, wart,  callus isolated towards black. Touched by fingers of a pediatrician, doctor

Finns det huskurer för vårtor?

Home remedies can be used to treat common warts. You can use many household items as a home remedy for wart. Here are some home remedies for wart that may work for you. Your doctor should be consulted first. You don’t want to burn yourself if you play with fire. […]

blooming calendula in Summertime. Colourful Wide Horizontal floral

Hur blir jag av med mina vårtor?

Moles are often mistaken for warts. Warts are not cancerous or harmful. People can see warts anywhere they look, including in their fingers, hands, feet, or soles, because of HPV, the human papillomavirus. Children are more likely to have warts than adults because their immune systems are weaker or less […]

urine test strips

Varför prova hembehandlingar mot gikt?

Every day, thousands of people suffering from gout search the internet for help. Many people search the internet for gout relief. Others are searching for simple ways to ease intense pain. No matter what your case may be, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to discover at […]

Närbild av bakpulver i en glasburk.

Vilka är huskurerna mot gikt?

Gout is a condition that causes arthritic inflammation and affects approximately 10% of the population. Although it may seem small, the number of people suffering from gout is steadily rising as they become more aware of modern living. Gout can be caused by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles. Gout sufferers […]

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Finns det tips för att lindra gikt hemma?

Gout is a form of arthritis that many people have suffered from for centuries. Gout is caused by uric acid deposits, which infiltrate the joints and connective tissue. The deposits of uric acid are composed of fine pointed crystals (needle-like crystals). This causes the pain associated with gout. Gout pain […]

Mald muskotnöt

Finns det säkra hembehandlingar för akne?

Huskurer mot akne blir alltmer populära. Homeopati och ayurveda blir alltmer populära bland de drabbade. Det finns många huskurer som lätt kan integreras i ditt dagliga liv för att behandla finnar eller akne. Vissa huskurer kan kräva att du ändrar din livsstil. Det är viktigt att [...]