Allergies and insect bites concept. Person scratches her legs, which is itchy from a mosquito bite. Close up. Summer garden on the background.

How To Cure Itchy Insect Stings?

Everybody gets bitten or stung once in a while. Most insect bites are not fatal and cause only itching and redness. There are some insects that can cause anaphylactic shock and other fatal health conditions. First aid must be used if you are stung by a wasp, bee, or another insect.

What to do?

First, remove the stinger. This must be done immediately as the stinger could continue to inject venom in your system. Tip: Instead of pulling the stinger with tweezers, scrape it out. After removing the stinger, wash the area with disinfectant soap. If you feel any of these symptoms after being stung by an insect, you should immediately seek emergency medical attention.

To reduce swelling and pain, you can use any of these remedies:

  • Ice Pack: Wrapping an ice pack in a towel around the bite area can reduce inflammation. Ice can be used alone or in combination with other home remedies.
  • Natural Oil: A very small amount can be applied to the sting sight with tea tree or lavender oil. Use a cotton swab to apply it. These oils can be used as natural anti-inflammatory agents and disinfectants.
  • Honey: Honey can also be used to sting. You may feel a cooling and soothing sensation.
  • Hydrocortisone Cream – You can search for the strongest hydrocortisone cream and apply it to the bite site. After a few minutes, the symptoms will begin to improve. You can reapply the cream after at most four hours, or if symptoms return.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda and water can be combined to make a paste. It will reduce itching by applying it to the sting. If you have had multiple stings, you can add baking soda to warm water. If you have an open wound from the sting, this remedy should not be used.
  • Aspirin: You can also use an aspirin to crush the bug bite. Use the aspirin to make a paste and apply it on the bug bite. Bandage can be used to reduce itching and swelling. This medication may be used to relieve the symptoms.