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How To Cure Asian Flush?

Just the notion of getting Asian flush or shine can be quite depressing. The status can turn any appealing individual to a enormous pulsating cherry with splotches and migraines around after a couple of glasses of alcohol. If you’ve got the condition, it is understandable you will want to discover a cure for this.

What to do?

What choices are available to you? First of all, it’s extremely important to see that the truth about the condition itself haven’t been set in stone. Although there are a significant number of details identified about it, the findings, particularly those pertaining to potential cures, aren’t conclusive. You need to remember this so you stay firmly grounded in fact when you set out to search for a solution. The fact that there’s still much left to be known about Asian shine doesn’t mean that nothing can be achieved.

Strictly speaking, finding a complete cure may not always be feasible for everybody, but there are measures which you will have the ability to take. One popular solution is to take antihistamine drugs. There’s not any solid scientific evidence that this sort of medication can prevent the illness but there’s a concept that explains why the drug appears to work for many people. It’s thought that the drug can slow down the production of acetaldehyde that’s the poisonous by-product of alcohol that causes the allergic reaction.

Did you now?

There are numerous issues pointed out to the use of antihistamine by people affected by Asian flush. The most pressing concern is that the remedy isn’t actually a complete cure but only a delaying element. Alcohol will still eventually be transformed into a toxic substance when it reaches the liver where it can still do a great deal of harm to the body. Also, some antihistamines cause drowsiness. Hence, taking them before drinking could cause drinkers to feel as though they are doubly hit.

Apart from medication, some suggest the consumption of fructose. The mechanism of sweet food is much more poorly understood in regard to preventing alcohol allergy symptoms. The frequent idea though is it is likely that fructose, when mixed with alcohol, creates a distinct metabolic procedure. There’s a chance that toxin production is inhibited in Asian shine victims. Another possible strategy is to build tolerance.

There are a number of people who have been successful at removing their observable symptoms by making their bodies used to alcohol ingestion. You may have the ability to get positive results if you start drinking in slow amounts until you’re ready to drink more without allergic reactions. The threat for this option though is you will be raising the amount of toxin in the human body.


Since your body doesn’t have the capability to process it properly, you’ll be severely and dangerously damaging your liver during time. It’s not true to say that there’s simply no treatment for Asian flush. At exactly the exact same time though, it’s also premature to state that there’s a good treatment solution for this. The best thing to do in your case is to try out which solutions will work for you. Be careful though. Treat each possible suggested remedy with a grain of salt.