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Coughs can occur often and can be caused by many factors. A cough can be a sign of different conditions, and it will often go away on its own. Here are some natural ways to treat a cough naturally. Coughing is a natural response of the body to clear excess mucus from the lungs and passages.


When there is inflammation or infection of the lung passages, mucus will be produced more frequently. The following remedies are suitable for seasonal coughs. It is important to remember that you should consult a doctor for personalized care.

  • Raisins are a great home remedy for cough. Even for children, making sauce from them is a great idea. It is easy to get rid of the problem. This is how you prepare it: Boil the raisins in water until they form a paste. The sauce should be cooled before you add sugar. Almonds are great for dry cough. Make a paste by soaking the almonds in water overnight. This can be taken twice daily to relieve dry cough.
  • Turmeric is another remedy that can help dry cough. To get the best treatment, the powder can be combined with honey. A great home remedy for cough is turmeric. It can also be used in other ways to benefit the body. A few simple remedies for a cough include lemon juice, warm water, and onion. Although it may not be the most appealing of flavors, this remedy works well for seasonal coughs. It is recommended to take two doses daily at home. The syrup can be made by combining one lemon, one onion, and a cup water.
  • Honey mixed with grape juice can greatly improve your cough and cure colds. Grapes naturally contain elements that make mucus flow easy and quick. There are many ways to treat the problem. If it persists, consult a qualified doctor.