Čo vedieť o psoriáze?

Is Psoriasis Contagious? Why It Happens and 2 Ideas on Stopping It! Today I will be talking about how somebody will get psoriasis, in addition to a few thoughts on stopping this wellness problem from appearing. Did you know that the cells within the human body replace themselves? There’s a theory that every 7 to 12 years you’re practically reborn because all of the skin cells on your body would have recreated themselves.

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What would happen if a cells grow too fast on the skin? This is what is called psoriasis. This causes patches of skin appearing whitish or silvery in colour. It might also have a reddish or thick appearance. As a result of this abnormality to skin a few people with this condition might feel ashamed showing it off to the general public. The fantastic thing is that since you can not touch or breathe on someone and have their skin cells grow faster, psoriasis is not contagious.

The theory on why this condition happens has to do with the immune system. In your body you have something called T Cells, which hunt down harmful germs and kill them. With psoriasis that the immune system over reacts resulting in an inflammatory reaction. This brings on the swelling and quick turnover of these cells on the epidermis.

Imunitný systém

Something benign triggers the immune system causing this allergic response. The smartest minds aren’t certain what causes allergic reactions, but it’s something to do with a weak immune system. Henry Ford Hospital has shown through research that having a pet in the home in a child’s first year of life can prevent an allergic reaction from pet hair. The immune system recognizes the pet hair isn’t a threat and for that reason an allergic reaction is not created.

To stop this annoying skin condition one thought is to determine what’s causing it and remove that from your life. You could keep a journal and write down exactly what the day was like prior to a psoriasis flare up and attempt to identify the reason. Another idea is a bee pollen supplement. The reason why it can help is because it reduces histamine in the body.


It contributes to the allergic reaction that brings on the psoriasis. You might get prescription drugs which also reduce histamine, but they could cost plenty of money and give off some unwanted effects. To sum up everything psoriasis is when patches of white, silvery or reddish skin appear on someone. It is not contagious and you can stop this ailment through removing the causes that cause it and carrying a bee pollen supplement. Supplements and alternative medicine can be confusing and even dangerous.

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