Aká je úloha včiel pri výrobe včelieho vosku?

Beeswax or bee sweat is really a natural substance stated in the honey comb by the incredible labour of honey bees from the genus Apis. Employee bees are sterile bees that have eight mirrors like transparent wax creating glands on inner aspect of the sternites on the abdominal segments 4-7.


How big is wax glands is strongly suffering from age worker bees. Because the workers travel excellent distances searching for nectar and pollen how big is glands atrophy because they indulge more in outside activities. The brand new wax scales are usually transparent but they turn out to be opaque after mastication by the employee bees. The wax of honeycomb is normally white nonetheless it becomes yellow in color because of the accumulation of pollen natural oils and propolis down the road.

Wax scales gauge 3 mm long and 0.1 mm thick. About 1,100 wax scales are needed for the production of simply 1 gram of wax. Usually 10 lbs of honey yields 1 lb of wax as is noticed by the specialist bee keepers. Western honey bees make use of wax for making honeycomb where the larvae are usually reared and pollen and honey are usually stored for future make use of.

Wax creation

The bees actively indulged in wax creation require ambient temperature between 33-36°C. For wax creation they might need a great deal of food. They need to consume about eight times just as much honey by bulk. It’s been recorded that bees vacation 1,500,000 kilometers, about two times the circumference of world to produce only one 1 pound of wax. Once the bee keepers extract homey from honey comb they take off the wax capd from the tissue by using an uncapping knife.

The color of the wax varies from whitened to brownish yellow according to the purity and the floral composition useful for its preparing. The wax kept in the brood comb will become darker daily because of accumulation of impurities so isn’t utilized. The left wax is named as slumgum. Wax could be further clarified by heating system it in water and will be used in the preparing of candles, in lubricant for home windows and drawers and to make polishes.

Včelí vosk

It could be further softened with the addition of vegetable oils in order that it could be made workable at area temperature. This is a tough complex combination of a number of chemical substances. It includes hydrocarbons (14%), monoesters (35%), diesters (14%), triesters (3%), hydroxyl monoesters (4%), hydroxy polyesters (8%), acid estes (1%), acid polyesters (2%), free acids (12%), free of charge alcohols (1%) and unidentified issue (6%). Beeswax shares the chemical substance formula C15H31COOC30H6.

Its main elements are usually palmitate, palmitoleate, hydroxypalmitate and oleate esters of long-chain aliphatic alcohols, with the ratio of triacontanylpalmitate to cerotic acid because the two principal elements in the ratio of 6:1. It includes a high melting stage of 62-64°C. If beeswax is heated over 85°C its discolouration superstars. Beeswax can be more categorized into European and Oriental varieties. The ratio of saponification worth is normally lower for the European wax compared to that of the Oriental wax.

It finds commercial uses to make fine candles, aesthetic and pharmaceuticals, to make polishes and as an element of modelling waxes. Beeswax candles are usually used in probably the most Eastern Orthodox churches because they burn clearly with hardly any smoke. Beeswax is also useful for coating the cheese to improve its shelf life. Beeswax can be used in European countries for egg decoration especially in the Eastern Europe. This is a item of utilization since ancient instances. Beeswax is an extremely valuable product produced by small honey bees.

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