Šálka čaju na drevenom stole obrázok

Ako liečiť bolesť hrdla doma?

A sore throat can be very painful if you’ve ever experienced one. Although many people will call their doctor and get prescribed antibiotics, this approach is not always the best. Side effects can make a sore throat worse or more severe than the actual soreness.

Domáce opravné prostriedky

Many people choose to use home remedies instead of taking expensive pills. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics too often, even if the problem is not bacterial. Although antibiotics won’t treat any viral infection, taking antibiotics when you don’t have an infection due to bacteria can lead to drug resistant germs that are difficult to eradicate.

In many cases, home remedies for sore throats can be more effective than taking antibiotics. Even strep throat infections can be treated with home remedies. Most people will feel better within a few days. There are things you can do at your home to ease the pain and speed up your body’s recovery.


Fluids are essential for both pain relief and full recovery. Normal symptoms of a sore throat include itching, scratchiness, or swelling. Your body needs fluids to fight germs and keep you healthy. Warm salt water can be used to gargle a sore throat. Add a few ounces warm water to the mixture and two to three teaspoons salt.

Mix well and then use this solution to gargle. The warm water will soothe your throat and the salt will help your body eliminate any germs from your mouth and throat. Rest is important. Get enough sleep for your body to recover. In most cases, throat lozenges work well. You can also make your own hot lemon-sugar or mint tea. Both mint and honey can soothe sore throat irritations and discomfort. If your throat pain is severe, a saline nasal spray may be helpful.