Detailný záber šokovanej ženy pri pohľade na plesnivú izbu

Ako sa vysporiadať s alergiou na plesne?

Mold allergies are a significant health issue that affects many unique men and women. These folks come from all kinds of race and age groups. Mold doesn’t differentiate between race or age but some people are stronger and able to tolerate mold better. During the past 15 years, we’ve got customers from all age groups and races. We find that the older appear to suffer more than someone younger.

What is mold?

I’d suspect lack of education concerning mold rather than the age element. Once individuals become knowledgeable, the comprehension of the environment is more important than previously. It might also be a monetary factor too, because of fixed income. Mold grows in all areas of the world. There are molds that can flourish in cold and arid areas. There are over a dozen species of mold that thrives under snow.

They live in the dark, humid conditions found beneath a layer of snow when it’s melting. This is the sort that strikes grasses in golf courses and that’s the reason why it is more prevalent in colder climates. Mold is common all around the world not only in warm and humid climates. Snow mold is due to the following and measures must be taken to avoid this.

Čo robiť?

  • Rake up all the leaves in the autumn before the first snow.
  • Be careful with using fertilizer before the snow.
  • Keep the grass short to avoid matting and rake it up.
  • Mold needs dead substances and moist conditions from melting snow.
  • Try to spread the snow out to promote rapid melting to dry fast.

Individuals living in these regions are more vulnerable after the snow is pumped and winds begin to blow the substances on the floor or when somebody is raking it. This is a fantastic time to have a HEPA rated filter such as the Austin Air in your dwelling. Additionally it is important to keep your home as clean as possible to prevent mold in dust from collecting. That’s the reason they used to call it “Spring Cleaning”.

Je dobré vedieť

I’ve read many different articles concerning mold where a well meaning person writes that there are just certain molds that are toxic and to be worried about. I read one the other day in which this individual says there are just 12 molds to be concerned with. Bear in mind that some individuals aren’t properly educated like a Microbiologist and just express their opinion particularly on Websites. If they had been properly educated, they wouldn’t say things like this. There are molds which are more poisonous like Stachybotys, Chaetomium, Fusarium and Aspergillis because of the toxins that are released in the atmosphere when there are moist conditions. But always bear in mind that the dose is the poison. Example: If you eat a teaspoon of sugar, it doesn’t affect you unless you’re diabetic. If you consume a cup of sugar, then you’ll get sick from overload.

Záverečná poznámka

Mold is the identical way and it doesn’t matter what species it is. I have many customers who are”Universal Reactors” to mould. I will tell you the story about a few of these: She left South Florida on the advise of her Doctor and went to Arizona. She had been fine for about a year, then she began reacting to mould again. Remember, mold is universal. If you wish to educate yourself, visit an Allergists office that specializes in mold allergies. You’ll be shocked at what you will learn and how serious the issue really is.

My personal opinion, I feel it’s something to do with all the food that we eat. Try to eat as much organic food as possible. To conclude, mold is everywhere on the planet. Education is important when dealing with it. Always seek the advice of your Doctor before taking any type of advice.