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Heartburn is something that most people will experience at some time in their lives. The unlucky ones, such as myself, experience it more often. I don’t believe in taking prescription medication for every condition. That is why I prefer to try home remedies for heartburn, rather than taking a tablet or pill.

Home Teatments

If I don’t get relief with a home remedy for heartburn, I may resort to prescription medication or over-the-counter remedies. I will first discuss what causes me the most discomfort with acid reflux and heartburn. My wife makes excellent Indian food, and I love Indian food. Sometimes, however, it can cause me serious heartburn. I could stop eating the curry. This is not something I want to do.

As a compromise, we have reduced the frequency of it. We might be able to have it more often if we could find heartburn remedies. I have compiled a list of home remedies I would like to try in order to relieve my symptoms.

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  • Garlic can often be a cause for heartburn symptoms. However, it can also help relieve symptoms. If you are experiencing burnt reflux, you can chew a clove garlic. This is a home remedy that I can try for heartburn, as we always have garlic in our fridge. Even though I may eat a clove, no one will want to be around me. This is something I will need to remember before I try this remedy. According to my research, some people suggest storing a few cloves in some apple vinegar and then drinking the mixture when experiencing heartburn symptoms.
  • Papaya has an enzyme that aids in digestion. This is why it can be used to treat stomach acid reflux symptoms. This home remedy is unlikely to be tried as we don’t keep papaya in our fridge.
  • Natural health websites recommend that you eat a few almonds if you feel the first signs of heartburn. Almonds are a good choice because they contain a high amount of natural oils that neutralize stomach acid. Almonds aren’t always available in our home, but we do keep them around. This is one home remedy for heartburn that I might be able to use.