What About Royal Jelly Side Effects?

Side effects can occur in natural medicines just as with prescription and over-the counter remedies. Royal jelly can have side effects that can affect your health. This is one of the most valuable bee products. It is produced and released by the worker bees’ maxillary and/or gullet glands. The larvae are then fed the royal jelly three days after hatching.

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The nurse bees will feed royal jelly to a queen that emerges from the larvae. Two or more queens emerge in the larvae and fight until one takes the crown. A queen bee grows larger, heavier, and more fertile by eating royal jelly. She could produce up to two thousand eggs per day, and can live for five to six more years. Humans have discovered that bee milk is very valuable. Some believe it can heal mild and chronic diseases.

Some people eat royal jelly to improve their skin appearance and boost their immune system. No matter the form of royal jelly, there are side effects. However, it is rare for people to experience severe side effects from eating royal jelly. You may be allergic to bee’s milk powder, fresh paste, or capsules if you have problems after taking them.

Allergic reaction

There are many allergic reactions that can occur. Some people experience mild reactions while others have severe reactions. It all depends on how your immune system reacts to foreign substances. Avoid jelly if you have an allergy to honey, bee pollen or propolis. It can also affect your health. Research has shown that people who are sensitive or allergic to poplar and conifer trees are also hypersensitive.

Bee’s milk can cause mild to severe asthmatic symptoms, such as chest congestion and difficulty breathing. Some suffer from internal bleeding or anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is the most severe side effect. If not treated promptly, it could lead to death. If you have never had royal jelly, it can be difficult to predict how you will react. If you experience severe symptoms, there are many over-the-counter medications that you can take. If you apply royal jelly topically, skin irritations can also occur.

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Royal jelly can be applied topically to sensitive skin. Many people get facial rashes, even though they aren’t allergic to other honey products. It is important to use it with caution. Are you suffering from high cholesterol? If so, you may be on medication to lower cholesterol. Warfarin, an anticoagulant drug such as warfarin, can interact negatively with bee’s milk.