Small bottle with essential oil and lavender flowers. Aromatherapy, homemade spa, beauty treatment concept. Old wooden background, copy space.

Что такое практическая ароматерапия? Эмоциональная польза!

Essential oils are a fascination to a lot of people — they smell fine, but they are simply not sure what to do together, never mind how to get the most out of aromatherapy’s science-proven advantages (such as antiviral, antibacterial and stress-reducing actions). So where to begin? Inhale! Breathe them […]

Heart and brain. Digital interface. Starry sky in the background

Что такое эмоциональный интеллект (EQ)?

We’re all familiar with general intelligence (IQ). How many people understand anything about Emotional intelligence (EQ)? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, employ, empathize and handle emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, understand others, fight challenges, alleviate tension and resolve conflict in a smart way. Emotional intelligence Daniel […]

Young woman with eyes closed enjoying in taste of food while eating with friends at dining table.

Можно ли вылечить свои эмоции с помощью еды?

These foods can help you regulate your moods in a natural manner. Sorrow and despair: Reach for cauliflower, turnips and asparagus. These foods resonate with the resistance system, lungs and large intestine organs that in the Chinese medicine system are connected with processing emotional despair. Take note Asparagus naturally supports […]

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Как обрести эмоциональную, физическую и духовную свободу?

Whenever your body is forced to defend itself from external threats of bodily impurities or discordant influences, such as sensory or stress over-indulgence, it naturally develops the feelings of anxiety and insecurity. These emotions have the aim of alerting you to the issues that your body has in keeping itself […]

Macro Shot Of Thinning Hair On Head

Как восстановить лысеющие, редеющие и истончающиеся волосы?

Having a complete head of hair is something which most men would love to continue to for as long as you can. Going bald or having a receding hairline occurs to a variety of guys, and can dramatically influence their self-esteem. Male pattern baldness or hair loss is mainly dictated […]

Asian woman hand holding hair loss falling on comb

Выпадение волос от выпадения? Читайте меня!

The way your hair falls out is important in establishing the character of the problem. It’s necessary to ascertain whether the hair is thinning, falling by the roots (shedding) or the hair shafts are fracturing. Only after determining these variables it is possible to specify the particular hair disorder and […]

Penetration of a coronavirus particle into a human cell.

Каковы механизмы иммунного ответа?

During normal immune response against disease the body significantly increases the amount of lymphocytes and cytokine cells utilized to get rid of microorganism and toxins. This discharge in lymphocytes and cytokines is regulated by the body’s secretion of prostaglandins close to the point of disease. Inflammation These prostagladins monitor the […]