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De ce să încerci remedii de casă pentru arsuri la stomac?

The tube connecting the stomach and mouth is the esophagus. This tube-like structure allows food to pass through and is trapped in the stomach by the LES, or lower esophageal sphincter. There are times when the valve may not close properly due to certain conditions. This can cause acid to reflux back into the stomach, which can lead to heartburn symptoms.

Gastric juices

The stomach’s protective lining can withstand strong gastric juices, but it cannot be destroyed by them. It is not the case with the esophagus. This tube-like structure can become inflamed if the gastric juices reach the esophagus. It doesn’t have a protective lining. This condition can be caused by several factors, including the consumption of carbonated, alcoholic, and caffeinated drinks as well as high-alcohol foods.

The condition can also be caused by obesity and pregnancy. This can increase stomach pressure, which can cause the stomach acid to regurgitate back into the esophagus. Acid reflux can also be caused by diseases such as sarcoidosis and hiatal hernia, scleroderma and certain medications, like ibuprofen or aspirin.


There are many medications and treatments available to treat the condition. Heartburn medications include omeprazole and antacids as well as famotidine, alginates. People who take heartburn medications often may become dependent on them without realizing the side effects. It is better to choose natural remedies for heartburn than to resort to taking medications. For example, water should be consumed at the first sign of a severe attack.

This will wash away the acid from the esophagus. The condition can be treated with certain fruits, such as bananas and papaya as well as almonds.

Luați aminte

Papain, a natural enzyme found in papaya, is beneficial in improving digestion. Fresh papaya is a great medicine for those who suffer from heartburn often. You can take this before you eat to avoid acidity and indigestion. It is not recommended to eat papaya while pregnant, as some women may have a latex allergy. It is important to consult a doctor before consuming papaya during pregnancy.

Home remedies for this condition include sodium bicarbonate, also known by baking powder and vinegar. Vinegar is helpful in neutralizing stomach acids, but too much can cause enamel damage. Vinegar can cause tooth enamel damage, so it is important to drink water after you have consumed vinegar.

Baking powder can be used to quickly relieve the condition. Baking powder should be used sparingly as it can cause high blood pressure and other medical conditions. Heartburn sufferers can also benefit from aloe vera, licorice extract, and almond juice. Aloe vera can be used to heal the intestinal tract.

Almond, however, has a high amount of essential oils that can help neutralize stomach acids. Glycyrrhizin is an essential compound found in licorice that helps reduce inflammation in the stomach and esophagus. These are all helpful in treating heartburn. If the symptoms are severe, however, surgery may be required to relieve the problem. This should be discussed with your health care provider.