Sepsis, bacteria in blood. 3D illustration showing rod-shaped bacteria in blood with red blood cells and leukocytes

Which Are The Sepsis Symptoms?

Sepsis Symptoms – What It Is and How to Not Get It! In this article I need to talk about a few of the most frequent sepsis symptoms, what it is and how a person can’t get it. Our bodies are under constant threat and if a bad man gets through our defenses then a disease occurs where the enemy grows inside us.

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Most of the time when this occurs our immune system takes it down. With the disease Sepsis this disease gets out of control. For instance if a bacteria that causes the disease enters the blood stream it might travel and this is truly bad as it spreads. To me it reminds me of cancer, you do not want cancer to strike the blood as it can grow much faster like an infection. Some folks call this blood poisoning when bacteria enters the blood stream.

If you have an infection in your skin what happens? It becomes red, maybe hot, it develops, think of a pimple. This is called inflammation and a lot of it’s bad. It’s a significant source of pain, aging and disorders. With sepsis this inflammation occurs throughout the body, blood pressure drops and blood does not go to where it is needed. Blood equals life and for that reason cells may die and it may result in a complete collapse of the body. In serious cases someone can die within hours.

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You might be asking yourself how can you know if a person has Sepsis. In the early stages this disorder looks much like a bad case of the flu. This includes chills and fever there might be nausea, vomiting, a runny nose, coughing and headaches. Of course when something is serious like this disease your body will allow you to know with unique symptoms.

There’s an acronym that will help you remember the signs. Sever shortness of breath, think of suffocating you can not breath. If you feel for another something isn’t right, go get help since it may be serious. To reduce sepsis it actually comes down to keeping your immune system strong. This is more important in the elderly and very young. Someone over age 65 is 10 times more likely to receive it. Wash you hands regularly, get loads of rest, drink a lot of water. Another idea is that there are multivitamins that contain many natural antibiotic herbs like olive leaf extract.