Penetration of a coronavirus particle into a human cell.

Care sunt mecanismele de răspuns imunitar?

During normal immune response against the body significantly increases the amount of lymphocytes and cytokine cells utilized to get rid of and toxins. This discharge in lymphocytes and cytokines is regulated by the body’s secretion of prostaglandins close to the point of disease.

These prostagladins monitor the intensity of disease and causes the body to release fluids (inflammation) in an effort to avoid the spread of the disease when sending electrical/chemical signs back to the immune to predict in phagocyte cells to destroy the cells that are senile. However, when virus such as the swine flu infiltrates the individual biology such viruses use the body’s enzymes and release proteins (viral saying ) that interfere with the prostaglandin reactions sending sporadic signal codes to the immune reaction centers.

When this occurs the human reaction system panics, such as a blind person that is being jumped by four or five individuals. Like the blind man swinging wild at everything that moves around him the body’s reaction mechanism would be to quickly recruit exceptionally large numbers of neutrophils (phagocytes) that converts biological peroxide into hydroxide radical and super anion radical among the strongest oxidizing agents known to get rid of the infections.

This uncontrollable release of oxidizing agents by the human immune system not only kills the virus but also damage cells and tissue in the lungs, lymph regions, and other organs. Unless this scenario is stopped quickly the supreme end is of the individual person. Vaccines are usually dead viruses or parts of viral proteins which stimulate the body’s production of antigenic substance and antibodies that kill viruses by blocking the virus replication mechanisms. These antibodies also stimulate other biochemical molecules to block the impact of viruses on the natural human immune reaction mechanism.

Once the viral effect was blocked the human biological reaction will regulate (equilibrate) back to its usual state and may now act specifically on the secondary bacteria infections which are more accountable for human sickness. Yet, is the use of vaccines the only way to block viral expression in humans? If an overly exaggerated immune reaction is the greatest cause of human fatality due to such lethal viruses as the parasitic virus then should it not be possible to stop the consequence of a runaway human immune response by imitating the bodies natural biological defense systems for regulating the immune response mechanisms?

Notă finală

To put it differently, if you know what biochemical substances are produced in the human immune response to remove it needs to be possible to present natural substances like construction, active operation, and biochemical class into the human anatomy which will out the immune reaction, restart normal prostaglandin signaling thereby eliminating destruction of human cells and tissues, while efficiently directing human biochemical agents to kill bacterial and viral intrusions. Is such a thing possible?