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Există un remediu bun acasă pentru infecția vaginală de drojdie?

If you are looking for a home remedy for vaginal yeast infections, you don’t have to look far. Some of the ingredients and condiments we use to cook our food are potent and effective in treating and curing the condition.

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The garlic, onions and coconut oil are all potent. Many people are affected by yeast infection, but mainly women. It can cause embarrassment as well as problems for the person infected. We will be discussing how to use common foodstuffs found in our homes to treat candida infection. Since ancient times, garlic balls have been used to treat various ailments including vaginal yeast infections.

Before civilization, garlic was used to treat fungal infections. It can be viewed this way: What were our grandpa and grandma using to treat yeast infections back when there wasn’t Cansteen cream, Monistat, or any other modern medication? According to medical histories, most skin infections and diseases were treated with an edible plant like garlic. Although onions can also be used, our focus will be on garlic as a home remedy for candidiasis.

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Garlic can be ingested orally. Garlic can be used to treat yeast infection in the same way as food. Garlic can be chewed to cure yeast infections. Garlic oil or a paste form can be applied to soothe itching, itching, and irritation that yeast infections cause to the skin. You can apply this to the affected area several times per day for many days until you feel the symptoms disappear. To home treat vaginal fungal infections with garlic, you will need a fresh clove of garlic.

After removing the tread, insert the fresh garlic into your vagina. The tread should dangle outside so that the garlic can be pulled out easily. You insert the garlic in the same way as vaginal suppository and tampon. For the best results, it is best to insert the garlic before you go to bed. This should be done for several days until the yeast infection has gone. You can cover the garlic with gauze, cheesecloth, or olive oil to reduce the effect of the garlic on the vagina.


Garlic is a natural ingredient and can be found all over the world. This means that you don’t have to take any prescriptions or visit the pharmacy to purchase chemical drugs. The fungal infection can be treated without the use of synthetic chemicals or artificial medications. These chemicals can be quite harmful to your body. Garlic is the best home remedy for moniliasis.