Este jeleul regal bun pentru sănătatea ta?

Royal jelly is a rich, creamy and nutritious substance that worker honeybees secrete to feed their larvae. It is not produced in large quantities in the hive making it a costly health food store commodity. It is still highly sought-after by health conscious consumers due to its many nutritional advantages as a supplement.

Jeleu regal

It has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health issues. It is packed with B-Complex Vitamins, protein, and can be used to combat fatigue or provide an energy boost for athletes. Royal Jelly is rich in Crude Protein, Amino Acids, and Vitamin K. It can also strengthen nails and hair follicles. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other antioxidants. This jelly can be believed to boost your immune system, protecting you from common illnesses and sicknesses.

Royal Jelly has been used for centuries to improve the reproductive health of both women and men. Although Royal Jelly is not a cure-all substance that can replace all the advice your doctor gives, recent research has shown that it may offer many other benefits. Researchers discovered that the substance, which is 12.7% crude protein contains many beneficial amino acids and a lot of vitamins.


Medical studies have shown that it can stimulate the growth and development of neural stem cells. It can also lower cholesterol levels. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Bee Pollen, another nutritional substance, is also produced by bees. It can be found in abundance in the bee hive, unlike Royal Jelly.

Bee Pollen is considered one of the best energy supplements. It is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, but it tends to cost less than Royal Jelly. Millions of people use bee pollen daily, whether they take it in capsule, granule or powder form. It can also be purchased in a concentrated liquid form. It is often consumed with honey, propolis, honey, and royal jelly.


Many believe that the combination of all ingredients from the hive makes for a highly nutritious nutritional supplement. It is important to ensure that bee products such as Royal Jelly or Bee Pollen are properly processed. Many companies pasteurize these supplements, killing all the beneficial live enzymes. You will get the best products for your body if you buy local and fresh from the beehive.