Meditația de autovindecare a chakrei inimii. Femeie așezată în poziția lotus cu mâna dreaptă pe chakra inimii și palma stângă deschisă în gest de primire. Practică de autoîngrijire la domiciliu

Cum să vindeci și să echilibrezi a patra chakră?

The heart has an significant role in maintaining physical and psychological . In this report we’ll have a look at the features of the chakra, in addition to a powerful means to keep it in healthy equilibrium. What’s the ?

Heart Chakra

Like most of the chakras, the heart chakra is a vortex of , which can be located in the subtle energetic body. These energy vortices play an essential role in regulating our bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and keeping us connected with the nonphysical world. As the name implies, this one is located in the chest region, where it occupies a central position between both lower and three upper significant chakras.

Additionally it is called’Anahata’ from the Sanskrit . This chakra is associated with the color green (and sometimes the color pink too ). It plays an integral role in maintaining mental și , and is connected with such qualities as , , trust, forgiveness and compassion. On a concrete level, the fourth chakra is related to the thymus gland, as well as the heart, lungs and chest region generally. Imbalances in the heart chakra can manifest as difficulties with the lungs and heart and other chest difficulties, problems, and psychological problems like powerful negative feelings of hatred, jealousy and .


Like chakra imbalances, difficulties in the center area may have a negative knock-on influence on the remainder of the chakra system, so it is always important to deal with anything that might be putting your chest chakra out of whack. Crystals can play a part in heart chakra healing, and green- and pink-coloured crystals like emerald, rose quartz and green jade are usually utilised to favorable effect, by being placed within the center area during . Whether you use gemstones or not, meditation is also an extremely powerful method of bettering your chakras.

The issue with this is that a lot of folks find it tough to concentrate while meditating, as most have not been trained to control their own minds this way. Fortunately, if you use a brainwave entrainment recording that’s created for chakra balancing, you can find the benefits of meditation even when you normally have trouble keeping your focused.

Țineți minte

When listening to some brainwave entrainment recording, you will be subjected to repetitive sounds of particular frequencies – the frequencies that are used depend on the outcome that you wish to achieve. In the case of balancing the heart chakra, you should use a recording which comprises the frequencies which are linked with optimum chakra functioning. For best results, you should set aside some every day to listen to your recording in a quiet location where you won’t be bothered. Although you might get terrific results the first time you listen, it’s more probable that the complete benefit will have constant practice, like anything else, so don’t be discouraged if you do not get instant results.