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Poate cistita să provoace dureri de penis?

Whether old or young, a little occasional penis pain is a simple fact of life for most guys. It might be associated with a sports injury or a urinary tract disease or another reason, but even men that are obsessive in their penis health may go through the strange penis pain now and then. If the cause of the pain is interstitial cystitis, but the pain may be lingering and demand a visit to the physician.

What is interstitial cystitis?

Medical professionals love difficult-to-pronounce (and recall ) titles, so it can help to consider interstitial cystitis by its other name, bladder pain syndrome. The bladder, obviously, is one of the chief elements of the urinary tract. It’s a hollow muscular organ that acts as a storage device for pee after it’s been filtered by the kidneys. It may hold between 10 and 17 fluid ounces – and if it becomes full, somebody understands it from the pronounced need to urinate. When a person gets into the bathroom and is ready to urinate, his mind provides the sign so the bladder could send the urine into the urethra and out of there to the outside world.

Interstitial cystitis is supposed to happen when something affects the proper functioning of the bladder or the sphincters that control the opening and closing of the pathway into the urethra. However, scientists aren’t exactly sure what happens to account for this condition.

Damaged bladder tissue

If the tissue which forms the bladder is somehow damaged, it makes it much easier for an irritant from the urine to sink in the tissue and cause inflammation or infection. The presence of mast cells. A mast cell is a type of white blood cellphone. It’s an active part of the body’s immune system. Occasionally a mast cell (or cells) in the bladder may release a lot of histamines, a chemical which in massive quantities may prove irritating to the bladder.

An autoimmune reaction. For reasons unknown, the body’s immune system may “misread” signs and begin attacking a portion of the body, like the bladder, under the mistaken assumption that the bladder is damaging the body. Neurological changes. These changes in the neural system lead to a normal activity, like the bladder filling or draining, causing pain in over-sensitized nerve endings. Although interstitial cystitis is based in the bladder, sometimes it can create symptoms that extend farther along the urinary tract.

Țineți minte

The penis or testicles are particularly vulnerable in this respect. The penis pain most often occurs when urinating, but in some cases it may also happen as the bladder fills and the need to urinate develops greater. The precise course of treatment varies from patient to patient, but often includes lifestyle changes (like cutting back on citrus fruits, alcohol, etc.); use of certain oral medications; and intermittent injected medications. In extreme and rare cases, surgery may be required. A physician will recommend the suitable way of treating penis pain because of cystitis, but keeping the penis healthy will help.


Regular use of a first class manhood health crème is an outstanding step in this direction. Ensuring the penis skin is nicely moisturized and vital can facilitate some penile discomfort, so pick a crème with a high-end emollient like Shea butter and a natural exfoliating agent such as vitamin E. Moreover, proper blood circulation helps oxygenate the manhood, and a crème with L-arginine may be an aid here. L-arginine is an amino acid which can help maintain penile blood vessels open and receptive to blood circulation.