Care este diferența dintre mierea crudă și cea comercială?

Canaan is a well-known name in the bible. It was best known as the land of honey and milk. What does honey and milk have in common? Both of these elements are unpasteurized in their purest state. Pasteurization was first named in 1862. It was used to kill bacteria that can cause spoilage of food products.

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This is done by heating the edibles. Most goods on the market today have been pasteurized to prolong their shelf life. This process can also result in the loss of nutrients that are naturally occurring in animal byproducts. These nutrients have been removed for years in an attempt to reduce spoilage and disease contamination.

However, recent efforts have been made to return to natural products in order to reap the full benefits. Some foods are clearly labeled pasteurized. Others may require closer inspection to determine what they are. Honey is one of these foods that requires extra attention.


The honey-making process requires a lot of work by bees. The worker bees fly as far as four miles away from the hive to search for nectar. A house bee takes the contents of the worker’s secondary stomach and removes them from the hive. The house bee chemically converts the nectar’s polysaccharides into simpler sugars.

This makes the nectar easier to digest and produces honey that can be spread throughout honeycombs. This sugar has been processed by the bees to make it less susceptible to bacteria in the hive. The bees will also fannish the honey with their wings to reduce its moisture content, making it less susceptible to bacteria. The honey is then sealed with protective beeswax, and kept until it’s ready to consume. The honey in its raw state is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It is an incredible energy source. It is common for honey producers in the United States to pasteurize honey collected to kill bacteria and prevent it from being fermented by unknown yeasts. This is done to increase the shelf-life of sweet syrup, but it also removes beneficial nutrients.

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How can you find out the condition of the honey that you have bought? Unprocessed honeys are 100% raw and will be labeled as such. Raw honey can be kept in ideal conditions for a long shelf life. The bees have already worked hard to ensure that raw honey is pure and unadulterated. Pay attention to the label next time you shop for honey. Raw honey is the best way to enjoy all that honey has to offer.

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