Tratamentul cu zinc combate acneea?

What’s the zinc acne link? There are many people who believe that zinc is quite handy for people having acne since it’s a mineral and it’s been seen to decrease the signs of the condition. However, there are others who don’t agree to this and state that there’s hardly any connection between zinc and acne.

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However recent research doesn’t agree to this view. It is said that zinc can actually fight acne at the same as antibiotics do – and that too without the damaging side effects that are brought on by antibiotics. The zinc can also be able to increase the immune system. I tried to understand what the truth is and so embarked on a research and experimentation project that lasted for at least 7 decades.

And finally I’ve able to understand the true story of this zinc acne connection. I’ve shown my findings in this report – read it to learn about zinc and discover the connection between acne and zinc. Why do sufferers believe it may cure acne and how can you use zinc to receive your acne treated? Is the zinc acne remedy that the best response to the problem? Read this report to find an answer to all these questions.

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You will come upon the zinc trace mineral in a number of food items such as in fish, sunflower seeds, legumes, soy lecithin, whole grains, egg yolks, mushrooms, soybeans and in herbs such as dandelion, eyebright, cayenne, chamomile, alfalfa, mullein, nettle, burdock root and in milk thistle. The cells in the body have zinc and it can also be found in insulin. The list of valuable utilities of zinc is a very long one. It’s involved in supplying energy, in stopping blindness, strengthening the immune system and in the process of digestion (enzymes assist digestion).

Zinc is involved with 300 plus enzymatic reactions in the body, in fighting germs, controlling the Vitamin E levels in blood, in the absorption of Vitamin B and A, helping the regulation of insulin and growth hormones, helping the body heal faster and in testosterone, and estrogen. Yes there are lots of excellent properties of zinc – but the question is, how can it help someone having acne? What’s the zinc acne link? The actual causes of acne are inner and they’re the building up of toxic substances in the lymph and blood as well as an imbalance in the hormones.

When taken in the appropriate amount and quality and ratio of essential fatty acids, zinc can control the creation of body oil from the glands by regulating the hormones and this has a fantastic effect on the acne. But this is only the start of the connection. Because the zinc acne treatment may also absorb the vitamin A, fight the bacteria that cause acne by making the immune system stronger, promote the healing of wounds, and also includes anti oxidant properties. Zinc can in this manner stop the secondary causes of acne and reduce the signs. If you are able to regulate the amount of hormones, then you can stop acne to a wonderful extent.

E bine de știut

And if you’re taking zinc in the suitable quality and in conjunction with essential fatty acids, then it’ll work Zinc will for sure help better absorption and when you choose nutrients with it, the hormonal level is guaranteed to be better balanced. But the effect may be negative when zinc is taken with a few nutritional supplements, chemical compounds and foods. The positive effect that zinc could have is subsequently lost and it becomes quite useless in acne treatment. Now let us have a look at those factors that inhibit the efficacy of zinc.

Now let’s talk about these inhibiting factors which come from the way of this zinc acne treatment. These variables include some food products, supplements and conditions that may not enable the absorption of zinc from the body, which may decrease its efficacy for the acne treatment. Let the discussion begin with the Phytic acid that’s so common in high grade grains. Based on some recent studies which were completed, the acid brings the absorption speed down to about 15 percent and they also lead to the creation of acid and mucus.

The only alternative is thus to take less grains and restrict it to one or two servings each day. Soy protein is also the culprit. Additionally, it binds minerals and decreases the absorption of zinc and therefore, if you’re on zinc acne treatment, you want to lower the consumption of soy. Inorganic iron and aluminum are several minerals that also don’t allow the zinc do its job. If there’s copper toxicity in your body this may result in complications – otherwise the answer for this is quite straightforward.

Do not take copper more than 2-3 milligrams a day and refrain from inorganic iron supplements to maintain the zinc effective for acne treatment. Exercising too much is also an inhibiting factor since this increases the demand for zinc in the body. But in the event that you can’t live without exercises and physical action, you want to make sure that there’s sufficient zinc in your diet.

Luați în considerare

  • Remember that the zinc acne treatment works best when you’re concurrently taking nutrients such as essential fatty acids, cod liver oil and coconut oil. Get these nutritional supplements as a diet using them will normalize your hormonal levels and get rid of the signs of acne. It’s crucial that the body has both these nutrients along with the zinc.
  • Inorganic iron and aluminum work as inhibitors of zinc and reduce its absorption in the body. So do make sure your meal doesn’t have them. But you want to also make certain you’re eating enough zinc, especially if you’re in the habit of excessive physical labour.
  • Limit your everyday zinc to 100 mg. If you have more than that, then it may result in toxicity. Zinc is best taken with all the food that you eat.
  • You will need to make certain that the soil in which the plant has been cultivated that resulted in the food is great because zinc is a mineral that’s present in this soil. A poor excellent soil will cause a poor food. By taking organic food, you can prevent this issue.
  • Supplementation frequently becomes necessary in zinc acne treatment since there’s not much zinc in the meals. The Zinc Monomethionine (Opti-Zinc) supplement is better than Zinc gluconate since it can be better absorbed by the body. It’s a better choice for zinc acne treatment.
  • Copper toxicity is bad news since the absorption amount is reduced when you have this condition. A blood test or a Kinesiology (muscle testing) will establish whether you’re copper poisonous or not. If you’re a Caucasian and have brown nipples, you might be copper toxic.

Remember, acne isn’t caused by zinc deficiency, but a lot of primary in addition to secondary factors. And thus, only the zinc in your body won’t give you the relief from acne you would like. But when you have zinc of the perfect quality and quantity and a few other nutrients in your body and make certain that the zinc inhibiting factors aren’t successful, then you can go a long way on regulating your hormone levels and eradicating the symptoms of acne.


Realistically, the holistic route is the only way you can permanently eliminate your acne issue. The holistic approach can guarantee that each of the causes of acne like the toxicity in the lymph and blood and the amount of hormones may be fixed efficiently. So combine this approach with the zinc acne remedy and if you do this, your acne problem could be solved immediately, effectively and permanently.


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