De ce ar trebui să descoperim călăuzirea lui Dumnezeu în vise?

The translation of the meaning of based on the scientific method is wholly different from the fantasy interpretations based on suppositions. This is something which you will verify from the start.


Do you feel I would have the guts to announce to the world that I understand how to treat all through ? This is a really serious declaration. However, everybody verifies that the true doctor isn’t me. I’m merely a fantasy translator and a helper.

The actual doctor is God’s mind. God is the dream manufacturer. Only God can heal invincible mental disorders. The scientific process of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me helps you understand God’s words in dreams. This is an extraordinary advantage you did not expect to have in life. Carl Jung did not understand the true value of his own discovery. I needed to continue his so as to prove to the world he is the only person who discovered the true meaning of dreams. I mostly have to prove to the world that we must obey God’s advice in dreams rather than considering the celestial unconscious messages as though they were only an advice, such as Carl Jung did.

Strong Anti-conscience

Though he understood the mind was God’s head he reasoned that a being must determine what to do based on his/her own conscience. I found that the biggest aspect of our mind boggling belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience and contains satanic characteristics. I reasoned that our human conscience is dumb following comprehending Carl Jung’s definitions concerning the emotional forms and their neuroses. Thus, I concluded that the human being must follow the divine guidance in dreams.

We’re unable to understand what’s good or bad. My research and my discoveries prove to the world that we’re insane and we must pass through a process of spiritual and psychological transformation. We must indispensably obey God’s advice in dreams if we wish to discover sound mental . We need this advice. Alone we’ll never can win the battle against our strong anti-conscience.

Communication with God

Do you know how many individuals have attempted to have a direct communication with God without success? The option to comprehend God’s words in dreams and have a dialogue with God through fantasy messages is a spectacular alternative that exceeds its scientific significance. God’s presence is a major relief for humanity.

Could you imagine that in a historic based on atheism and materialism God would find a way to prove His presence through ? I just obeyed God’s advice in dreams with the same seriousness I followed Carl Jung’s lessons. My work isn’t based on my own intellect and my own speculations. I was an obedient patient who had been battling a serious mental illness and seeking to attain sanctity since this was the remedy delivered by God in my own dreams.

Your spiritual

Therefore, my job is God’s solution. My only merit is my obedience. I’m part of God’s plan for the removal of craziness and terror on Earth. You’re a part of this plan also. You simply need to follow the divine guidance in your fantasies so as to discover what you can do so as to save yourself and save the planet because of your brilliant example. You might even become an international hero. The actual meaning of dreams can help you understand your faith.

All religions are extremely serious and true. Each faith teaches us a part of our complicated spiritual . We must focus on everything that belongs to our truth. You may discover your spiritual truth. This is a reality that can’t be clarified based on words which follow the of our dumb and under-developed conscience. This is the reason the fantasy language is poetic and philosophical. It follows the subconscious logic, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

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