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Are There Drugs Free Sinusitis Treatments?

The majority of people worldwide suffer from sinus problems. Their prevalence is increasing every day. The symptoms of sinusitis include nasal congestion, thick, yellowish-green nasal drainage, pain that usually occurs between the eyes and the forehead, a decreased or absent senses of smell, increased body temperature, persistent coughing and ear pain.


Sinusitis can lead to more complications, such as a swollen, reddened eye, drooping eyes, impaired pupil dilation, loss of vision, and decreased eye movement. Rarely, the infection can spread to the brain and cause personality changes. A soft swelling may develop over the sinus cavity and signify bone infections. These complications should be treated immediately and treated as such.

Sinusitis symptoms are often caused by the virus infection and will resolve once the infection is treated. This article will provide information on alternative treatments to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis.

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  • Steam therapy – A steam bath is a very effective decongestant. You can also use a hot shower to provide the same humidifying effect or invest in a product designed specifically for this purpose, such personal steam inhalers.
  • Warm compresses – Warm moist compresses can be helpful in relieving sinus pressure. Warm compresses are not considered to be more than placebos. They target the forehead between your eyes, which is where most sinus pain occurs.
  • Aromatherapy – Some symptoms of sinusitis can be relieved by inhaling the aroma of herbs like rosemary, mint, and eucalyptus. Eucalyptus offers a unique cooling sensation that makes the nose feel like it has opened.
  • Saline sprays – These sprays provide a similar but more localized cooling effect and are useful when a humidifier is not possible. They are portable and can be used outdoors to provide instant relief by lubricating nasal passages. You can make the spray solution at home by adding one teaspoon of salt to every pint of warm water.
  • Humidifiers – Indoor air is usually very dry, especially in winter. Dry air can cause mucous to thicken, irritating the sinuses. A humidifier creates a moister environment, which allows the nose to lubricate more freely, and thus feels less congested.


Sinusitis symptoms can be relieved by the above-mentioned measures without the need for medication. These methods can be used to provide maximum convenience with minimal expense.