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Por que amar a ioga se você é um corredor?

When I first started running I felt a bit tight and sore afterwards though I didn’t stress much. My thigh muscles would hurt horribly. So I thought why not mix yoga with jogging. Since Yoga is a fitness exercise that centers on the physical and spiritual state of the human body. It alleviates anxiety, pain, weight loss, etc..


Today my article is intended exclusively for athletes who love running and or has taken up running as their profession. During the course of an ordinary mile run the foot strikes the ground at least 1000 times and thus the effects of the foot on the body is five times longer. The ideal mixture of yoga poses can help you loosen up your muscles after a long run and keep you tight and wholesome. In reality running and yoga can create a fantastic mix for strength and flexibility.

Runners using yoga to balance strength, improve range of movement and exercise asana can organize their body, soul and mind well. The ultimate result will be incorporated body soul and mind. While conducting breathing should be in a normal pace so 1 practice pranayama. This helps you to breathe slowly and at a normal speed. This also helps you to be at peace and focus well on his objective.

O que fazer?

  • Do not begin a yoga routine or another exercise without clearance from your physician.
  • These poses aren’t acceptable for pregnant women.
  • Each pose should be performed in a slow and controlled fashion, without bouncing or compelling, which can cause your muscles to tighten, increasing your chance of injury.
  • Stretch in a slow, steady motion to the point of”mild distress.” If you’re extending to the point of pain, then you’ve stretched too far.
  • Learn how to respect your edge-never go beyond it.
  • This routine could be incorporated into a post-run stretching routine. It is also possible to do it any time of day.
  • If you are not performing the stretches immediately after a workout, I recommend a 10-minute cardio warm-up before beginning this routine.
  • Warm muscles are easier to stretch.
  • These poses as well as the accompanying pictures are altered for those who have tight shoulders and hamstrings, which is common among runners.
  • A breath is one complete inhalation and one complete exhalation through the nose. Hold each nostril for five breaths, or more if you want.

Nota final

To begin with, never ignore your body’s signs. Take a break as soon as your body needs you. Learn how to comprehend when rest is suitable.

Secondly, start integrating yoga postures into the warm-up and cool-down parts of your workout. Think about running as the linear portion of your exercise and yoga because its circular match.

There’s absolutely not any need to be sidelined by injuries and distress caused by your running schedule. Chronic injuries can finally self-correct via a gentle yet constant yoga practice. Remember, your body is on your side. It’s an inherent intelligence to bring about a state of balance no matter how many times your feet hit the sidewalk. Yoga Therapy can help you overcome all of the stress that one feels due to over exertion.