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Why Am I Suffering From Heartburn?

Although most people experience occasional heartburn, severe cases of acid reflux need to be treated quickly. While over-the-counter remedies may be effective for the short term, they can sometimes make things worse. There is good news. There are many home remedies that can provide immediate relief.


With a few simple adjustments, you can also enjoy long-term relief from acidindigestion. Take a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and mix it in a glass of water. This will provide immediate relief for acute heartburn symptoms. The soda is alkali, and will neutralize your acidity. After a few minutes, you will likely feel the pain disappear. This is an emergency treatment and should not be used often as it could cause imbalance in your body.

Ginger can help relax your stomach and improve digestion. Ginger can be used in cooking or as a dietary supplement. Ginger cake has many health benefits that I have experienced. Is there a better cure than ginger cake? Long-term, reducing the acidity in your diet will be beneficial. Acidity can be caused by spicy foods and citrus fruits.

Diet factor

To identify the foods that are causing your problems, you might want to keep a food journal. You should be looking out for the obvious, such as curry or chilli, but also tomato sauces or fruit juices. Once you identify the culprits, you can manage them better. You can take a supplement to reduce acidity, or eat naturally alkali foods. See the next tip.

Alkali foods can be a great addition to your diet, especially if you mix them with acidic recipes. As well as apples, leafy green vegetables can neutralize acid. When I eat curry, I always have a side of saagaloo (spinach and potato). It’s a great idea. It would also be great to use watermelon to end a meal. I have saved the worst for last. Acid reflux can also be caused by some of your indulgences. Tobacco smoke can strip the oesophagus from its protection, while alcohol is a major cause of heartburn. Chocolate can also relax the oesophageal-sphincter (the valve that holds stomach acid). All three should be avoided.

Bonus tip

Healthy function in your stomach will lead to a marked improvement in your health. Your gut will benefit if you eat probiotic bacteria on a daily basis. It is also a good idea to detox your colon every now and again. Your colon can become very clogged from thick mucus and blocked by difficult to digest foods. You don’t need to do anything drastic, like colonic irrigation. A good diet rich in fibre can help you cleanse your colon more gently.