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Que regras existem para a hipnose?

Self hypnosis is a powerful way to re-program your head by communicating directly with the emotion-based subconscious thoughts. You can change your behavior and change your deep-set beliefs and customs by making direct suggestions into your subconscious mind while under a state of hypnosis. However, to make self hypnosis (or hypnotizing others) work, you have to communicate with the language of this emotion-based subconscious thoughts.

O que fazer?

  • Always word yourself hypnosis scripts for positive change. Saying you’ll cease, lose, or not do something is negative; your head must picture doing something, and then take the negative to understand these sort of commands. As a result, the mind first reinforces performing the undesired activity before it can interpret not doing this. Rather than saying you’ll lose weight, eat less, or stop eating sweets, say you will get lean, eat healthy, or raise your metabolism.
  • Repeat suggestions frequently to optimize impact, but avoid clichés. Find several ways to reiterate the identical concept many times during your self hypnosis scripts.
  • Personalize suggestions to deal especially with current targets. In your recorded self hypnosis scripts, don’t say “you’re”; rather say “I’m”. To increase effectiveness, direct the subconscious mind to replicate your ideas softly to itself in first person.
  • Use a detailed, innovative strategy that flows along a logical growth path when creating yourself hypnosis scripts. For instance, – I’m steadily losing weight each day to attain my ideal weight of 115 pounds – is much better than saying – I will shed weight. The first case presents a progressive suggestion with a time variable and an end goal for a target. The next case is negative and does not have any definitive aim. This is one of the main principles for self hypnosis scripts that actually work.
  • Ensure all suggestions are simple, clear, & at the current or progressive tense. Never refer to previous conditions, and utilize innovative case (i.e., using action verbs end in -ing-; getting, growing, & becoming are a couple of goods examples) to skip the critical conscious mind.
  • Use visualizations; make the subject view herself or himself after the change has occurred (or as the shift is occurring). Also use words that participate emotions like vibrant, sparkling, thrilling, beautiful, strong, radiant, loving, generous, exciting, beautiful, and beautiful. The more vivid and striking the picture, the more effective it’ll be since visualizations are suggestions.
  • Direct the topic to reflect on the outcome of the change following your self hypnosis scripts have finished making all of the suggestions. It is possible to steer the subject to reflect while still in a hypnotic trance or immediately after waking up. In any event, the topic should sit quietly and picture himself or herself after the shift while the hypnotist says nothing.


All of these rules aren’t needed to succeed with hypnosis, and you might find itself hypnosis scripts commercially available don’t contain these elements. However, if you follow all of 7 rules from the scripts you write on your own, you’ll see dramatically improved results in the self hypnosis scripts.