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O que saber sobre enxaquecas?

Migraines can be very severe and distressing. They can become the governing body in our lives, affecting how we live and what we do. These symptoms can range from severe headaches to throbbing pain.


They can cause nausea, vomiting, and even inability to stand. They can occur at any time and can severely limit our lives. Migraines do not discriminate. They can affect both men and women of all ages, and they can happen to anyone. Because of the severity and suddenness of migraine attacks, it is important to learn as much as possible about them.

Prevention is better than regular occurrences of such a painful experience. Migraines almost always start with a trigger, which is something that causes them to occur. Overwork or stress are common triggers. This can be alleviated by making changes in your life, such as the careful planning of events to reduce the chance of last-minute problems.

O que fazer?

To reduce time and work load constraints, it is possible to share work loads. Another area is diet. There are many known triggers, including alcohol, caffeine, cheese and food additives. A food diary can help you identify the trigger in this instance. Although sense triggers aren’t well-known, they exist. Pets can trigger sense triggers, but not just sneezing. Sometimes, the animal’s smell, especially in a small space, can also cause a headache.

A migraine can also be triggered by a visit to a club or concert with loud music and lights. Migraines can also be inherited. These cases are not always easy to identify. It could be that migraines are more common in the family with women who suffer from migraines at certain times of the month.


Knowing the trigger can help you avoid them. Sometimes, medication or herbal remedies may be necessary to alleviate the problem. It is important to identify your trigger and the best way to treat migraines if they occur. Prevention is better than a full-blown migraine.