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O que é Rejuvenescimento Muscular Vibracional?

Soon scientists will find a way to help muscles develop more dense and stronger during a workout and prevent fatigue in the procedure. This will be accomplished by carrying the wasted jarring motion during workouts and using it to make energy.

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A device will be used to create this energy by means of electromagnetic induction, which is re-directed back in the body. Meaning one can maintain peak performance for hours and hours, while strengthening their muscles as they go. Just think faster recovery in the workout and therefore lactic acid build up wouldn’t happen to that big of a level. Sending the greater energy back to the muscles and re-directing it to the normal and proper nerve frequencies will really be something good.

A person at a marching band could carry a larger trombone or tuba without worrying about harm. A wrestler could run twice as many arena steps without worries of pulling a calf muscle and a runner could put on twice the miles without harm and unlike steroid medication it would be natural. Almost anyone could become a marathoner.

Sistema imunológico

If you wore this type of device on your mind and invisibly at brain frequencies that are normal to human immune system you could secure your brain while exercising, reduce problems of disease and consider a higher level and you might have a “Zen” experience, while exercising you see? When we discuss using human movement to power up an LED light when jogging or walking, generally we’ve been talking outward projection of self, as opposed to inward; external, as in mild to improve visibility of surroundings.

Now then what if the body and the eyes had a much better view and were functioning better in their own frequencies then would you see better? Are the human eyes capable of this growth of our own organic waves? Would we be raising the human energy output? Projection of the only so to speak? The reason I make this remark is because we understand all living things have a power plume and that which has a electromagnetic field even though it ever so slight, an audible touch, even a stone. If you add to this touch with its own resonance only increased then the whole system whether it’s a tree root or a human or your favourite pet, then it might have higher presence so to speak.

Nota final

Everything would be as it’s suppose to be just more alive. Human energy. If we take the wasted energy of the pounding of the carbon based bipod and turn it in to light, well we can also turn it into heat or re-direct it back inside to operate the bio-system better, using the vibrational energy. So why waste the inefficiency of human movement? Use it to light up the trail or increase the existence of the person or take it all and store to decrease the existence of the person if that was your objective. Projection or collection, what difference does it make, because it’s all energy to me or for me ? What about you? Consider It.