Retrato de menino adolescente com acne. Cara séria

Qual é a melhor cura para a acne?

There are numerous remedies and remedies available that promise to give an acne treatment UK surveys show that approximately 80 percent of 11-30 year olds will suffer from acne at some time in their lives. For nearly all sufferers, the symptoms of acne will largely disappear when they reach their 30s but a lot of folks may still be looking for an acne cure well in their 40s and 50s.

Você sabia?

This makes acne is the most widespread type of skin disease. The abundance of acne products, remedies and acne cures offered in the UK range from a natural acne treatment and herbal acne remedies, to acne medications and lotions, right through to laser acne treatment and acne scar remedy. Just what is acne? It’s a condition that occurs with skin follicles getting blocked because of hormonal imbalance in the skin oil glands, called the sebaceous glands.

The blocking of the pores contributes to the appearance of lesions on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders, which are generally known as pimples, spots or pigmentation. What causes acne? Medical opinion concludes that there’s more than one cause, but among the most common is an increase in the concentration of male sex hormones known as androgens. These hormones become more widespread during the period of puberty in both boys and girls, leading to the expanding of the sebaceous glands, which then causes outbreaks of spots or acne.

This can be quite traumatic for young people now in their lives; the abrupt change into maturity brings with it many other external pressures, not least the contemporary obsession with flawless physical appearance. Acne was proven to be hereditary, studies have shown that some adolescent sufferers have actually got a family history of the problem, in effect it is likely to inherit the disease from the parents.

Mudanças hormonais

Hormonal imbalances that occur during pregnancy or when taking the birth control pill may cause cases of acne. Certain drugs and medications are known to cause acne as a side effect. This is a frequent complication of using steroids so bodybuilders beware! Also certain fatty cosmetics can change the character of the surface of the skin causing clogged pores and therefore acne issues. There are numerous other elements that are thought to cause acne but are actually completely untrue.


People say that acne is caused by over indulging in chocolate or fatty foods but there’s little evidence to support this. Stress may be blamed but this has no impact with respect to acne. Dirty skin has also been attributed to the illness but as previously explained, there are clinically proven factors that cause the pore blockages and dirty skin isn’t one of them. Acne can be quite traumatic as a result of profound physical effects it may have in certain people. However, acne is a very common condition with several remedies and acne treatments readily available in britain.