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What Is Superfood Nutrition?

What is a superfood? This question is often asked of me when I tell them that my diet consists mainly of organic foods, and in particular organic superfoods. Superfoods are high in nutrients and offer the best value for money. They have amazing medicinal properties and have been used for thousands of years in many cultures to heal, sustain, maintain, and improve health.

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They are often high in antioxidants, minerals, and enzyme rich. There are many different types of superfoods. Some superfoods are well-known and most people don’t realize they are eating superfoods. They are often marketed as superfoods, because they have the potential to be healthier than other options.

However, a true superfood is best when it is raw and uncooked. Superfoods are foods such as Garlic and broccoli, kale and tomatoes. These foods are actually very healthy. Many people have heard of these foods, and have enjoyed them repeatedly. It is better to buy the wild or organic version of these foods as they are more “super” without any added chemicals and preservatives.

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Other superfoods are less well-known. These foods can help you achieve good health. I spent the last year researching superfoods and have been using them in my daily life with great success. These superfoods, which I will be discussing, are amazing and have been used to save thousands of people from disease and famine for thousands of years. To get more of these superfoods, queens and kings would go to war.

Alexander the Great was, according to legend, persuaded in part by Aristotle that he should invade Egypt to get the Aloe Vera plant. He could then use it on his wounded soldiers. We didn’t have clinical trials back then to determine what was good or bad for us. They used food to treat people. Over 1000 years, this process brought the best superfoods and herbs to prominence by leaders of great nations. These are some of my favorite superfoods that I have discovered over the past year. They are also available in local health food shops and online.

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Hemp Seeds and Hemp Proteins, Bee Pollen and Wild Honey, Spirulina and Blue Green Algae. Chlorella, Sprouts. Wheat grass, Barley Grass, Avocado’s. Coconut and coconut oil. Acai berries. Mangosteen. Agave Netar. Royal Jelly. Flax seeds. Green Tea. Spirulina is a food that has been feeding mexico for thousands of years. It is the best source of protein (62%). It tastes great when mixed with plain spring water. Goji berries are another great source of complete protein. They are rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamin C, and 21 trace minerals. They are light and portable. I usually only eat a handful of gojiberries before crossing country flights and don’t have to eat any the whole flight. Cacao beans, the real raw chocolate bean, are what most people have never tried. Most people are familiar with chocolate or cocoa, which is a processed version of cacao beans that contains sugar and dairy. These superfoods can be powdered and added to your morning smoothie. These foods will provide you with every vitamin, mineral and amino acid (Omega 3, 6, and 9) as well as hundreds of phytonutrients. These superfoods are essential for longevity and anti-aging. These foods should be included in the diets of athletes, who are especially hungry for antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Here’s to living to 125 and beyond! This can be taken to any level.