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O que é Inteligência Emocional (EQ)?

We’re all familiar with general intelligence (IQ). How many people understand anything about Emotional intelligence (EQ)? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, employ, empathize and handle emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, understand others, fight challenges, alleviate tension and resolve conflict in a smart way.

Emotional intelligence

Daniel Jay Goleman an eminent writer, psychologist, and science journalist wrote a book on Emotional Intelligence in 1995 that was an internationally best-selling book. Ever since then it has become a buzz phrase in the fields of psychology and sociology. Soft skill modules and coaches are reiterating about the importance of emotional intelligence in work area and in social settings. So as to gain success and happiness in , emotional intelligence is required as far as intellectual ability (IQ).

Emotional intelligence is useful at work, in relationships, in career growth and personal targets. From here on we’ll refer to Emotional Intelligence as EQ. How can you boost your EQ? To begin with it is important that you understand the fact your emotions impact various areas of your everyday life – the way you carry yourself, how you behave and how you interact with other people.

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With a high EQ you’re capable of recognizing your psychological state and that of others. This can help you to communicate and convince others in a way that brings them nearer to you. The success with which you have the ability to use your EQ results in success in each path of your life resulting in more contentment in life. There are four major attributes or characteristics of Emotional Intelligence: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” said Aristotle. This holds the key to further develop your EQ.


Did you ever stop to think who you are inside? Whether you’re good or bad, smart or dull, witty or serious, etc.? Well, when you sit in a location and watch yourself as an outsider you might have the ability to comprehend the real ‘you’. When you look at yourself deeply you will understand why you acted in certain ways under certain conditions. The capacity to introspect yourself is self-awareness. Self-awareness will help you identify your ideas, actions, feelings, values, fears, shortcomings, strengths and overall the ‘total you’. Besides yourself you can approach your family members and friends to make you understand you.

You can find a feedback from individuals who will provide you their honest opinion of you. This helps to a certain extent how others perceive you. In marketing this is achieved via a questionnaire about a provider’s product and performance. This is assessed and used in enhancing the corporation’s services and products. In precisely the exact same manner that you could ask your loved ones to evaluate you and from their answers you could understand and increase your EQ in areas where you lack.


As an you can do this exercise in form of a journal. The is journaling is a excellent way to find the real you and your real feelings. You’re more in tune with your feelings when you’ve got a high EQ. Self-management: Self-awareness contributes to self-management. Self-management is all about controlling your emotions and activities. You restrain yourself from spontaneous behaviors. You develop openness, adaptability, achievement and .

How do you respond to certain situations? Do you respond or react to people and situations? It’s a small difference between both of these words but in practice there’s a fantastic difference in meaning. Reaction and response play a substantial role in EQ. For instance if you must wait in long line on a busy day once the traffic is moving so slowly, do you get cheated? Do you shout at other drivers and horn loudly or wait patiently for the traffic to clear?

Do you respond or respond to heavy traffic? If you’re impatient you’re reacting to visitors in an emotional way.When you respond you tend to eliminate reason. On the other hand if you show patience you’re responding and therefore more thoughtful and understanding. After all, the traffic must proceed sooner or later! Self-management stands for adaptability, transparency, accomplishment and .

Social consciousness

Your self-awareness and self-management requires you to another step of social consciousness. You’re open to understanding the needs, emotions and concerns of other folks. You have the ability to pick up on emotional cues, feel relaxed socially, and recognize the power play in a group or business. So as to develop your EQ you will need to see and feel others in their shoes. People with excellent social consciousness are believed to be service minded, have compassion and organizational awareness. These are the key traits related to social awareness based on Daniel Goleman.

Social awareness in its best is supplying a natural reaction to individuals, taking their position and needs into consideration as far as possible. If you exhibit these qualities you may think about your EQ to be high. Relationship management: The last area you will need to develop in upping your EQ is that of connection management. We can look on this attribute in connection with your profession. This is the component of your EQ that permits you to succeed in inspiring others and assisting them to achieve their full potential.

Additionally it is vital in negotiating successfully, resolving conflicts and working together with others toward a shared aim. Your success in this last area is directly connected to a success in the other 3 areas because management is about successfully interacting with different folks.

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At the end of the day is not efficient management about getting the job done? Teamwork and cooperation – by providing credit to everybody to make them feel good about their own participation. How can Emotional intelligence affect your life? Performance at work – EQ can help you to comfortably handle social complexities of workplace, motivate and direct others and succeed in your career.

Now-a-days businesses view emotional intelligence as being an important aspect and execute EQ testing prior to hiring. Physical well-being – is imminent in the present world whichever profession you belong to. Stress is a familiar factor resulting in serious issues in a lot of the people. Uncontrolled stress level is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular . Our immune system suffers when anxiety level are high.

Mental well-being

Stress affects negatively. You may have heard or read about stressed individuals visiting the extent of committing suicide. When you can’t handle your emotions you become a victim of mood swings or other psychological disorders that may seldom permit you to form or maintain strong relationships in life. Personal relationships – Understanding your emotions enable you to express your feelings to your loved ones. When there’s a block in communicating your relationships suffer both in work and in your private life.