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O que é a contaminação cruzada com glúten?

Celiac (pronounced silly-yak), is an allergy that is increasingly becoming increasingly popular in today’s culture. Among the biggest problems is that we aren’t educated on it, which puts all those who have it at risk. Celiac is a disorder where intolerance in your blood causes the human body to deny gluten. This doesn’t look so bad, until you know what gluten is.


Gluten is a protein available in wheat, barley, malt, food starch and many known filler. Many of these food fillers are used when making things we consume daily. When you have celiac disease, you can’t eat bread, pasta, particular rice, oatmeal, cake, Etc.. Virtually, anything which comprises flour. When on a gluten free diet, some choices are corn and rice pasta, fermented bread and oatmeal, rice or corn cereal, and fruits and vegetables.

Given that the advanced research and research within our specific times, those who have celiac malady can live a healthy life as long as they learn to appreciate checking labels and people around them are extremely mindful. Cross contamination is difficulty for anyone with celiac disease. Believe it or not, a very small breadcrumb that drops to a plate of corn pasta can have a huge negative impact! Many effects of colorectal, eating gluten, may cause long term harm, particularly if a number of those effects are; internal bleeding, stomach and mouth sores, nausea, short-term paralysis and in severe cases, stomach cancer. If you’re in the food production or food company in general, it’s your job to be very sensible.

Ter tachos, panelas, utensílios, pratos, torradeira (Etc) específicos, usados exclusivamente para comer e cozinhar sem glúten. Ter temperos diferentes (ketchup, maionese, manteiga) utilizados apenas para o comedor livre de glúten. Tenha uma certa gaveta ou prateleira em sua cozinha para alimentos sem glúten. Sempre que assar, certifique-se de que tudo esteja limpo antes de usar e prepare receitas fermentadas para serem guardadas, bem embrulhadas, em uma zona livre de contaminação. Evite "mergulhar duas vezes", compartilhar bebidas e utensílios (etc.) em um evento com outros comendo glúten. Evite comidas sem cardápio fermentado ou, se inevitável, fale sempre com o cozinheiro/ garçom antes de pedir e/ou comer.

Palavra final

The number one lesson to get a celiac is to always be mindful. It goes without saying to have a gluten-free snack with you and to make certain all relatives and close friends are aware of the seriousness of your intolerance. Some things are unavoidable, which is extremely unfortunate, but cross contamination of gluten could be prevented if the mandatory safeguards are taken. Don’t be idle or slack off, since the consequences of gluten on someone with celiac are extremely serious. There’s absolutely nothing worse than to find a family member wind up in the hospital because you were not aware. Celiac is a disorder whose victims are growing in number. Ask your doctor about getting tested before it can damage you!