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Quais são os efeitos colaterais da enxaqueca?

Migraine is the most common type of headache. Migraines are more common in women than in men. Migraine can be described as a “pounding” feeling or throbbing pain that is felt on one side of the head. However, in some cases, it can spread to the other side. About 75 percent of migraine sufferers experience common migraine (without aura). It is a sudden headache that occurs without warning and gets worse over time.

Efeitos colaterais

Side effects include nausea, vomiting or increased urination as well as fatigue, chills, irritation, and loss of appetite. About 25% of migraine sufferers are diagnosed with classic migraine (with aura). This is when people feel a headache coming on. Aura symptoms usually appear about an hour before the headache.

Classic migraine symptoms include visual disturbances such as flashing lights, zigzag lines, blurred vision, inability to read, visual hallucinations, visual disturbance, visual hallucinations, visual hallucinations, visual confusion, visual in size and shape of objects, and increased sensitivity to bright lighting.

Other Symptoms

These include sensitivity to loud noises, temporary numbness in the hands or a “needle-like” sensation in the hands, frequent yawning, and feelings of hunger, thirst, and sensitivity to loud noises. Rarely, sufferers experience numbness in the mouth, a temporary inability to form a sentence, difficulty finding the right words, or weakness on one side. These symptoms may not recur if you have already experienced them.

However, professional help is recommended for any type of headache where vision is impaired. Although migraine headaches can be very disruptive and can affect daily activities, there are no serious side effects that can cause permanent damage to your health.

True Migraines

These are not caused by serious medical conditions or brain tumors. If you have aura symptoms that are not followed by migraines, or if your migraine is accompanied by high temperatures, you should see a doctor to run neurological tests. Do not be discouraged if you have migraines on occasion.

There are many natural remedies and prescribed medications that can help prevent migraines from recurring. While prescription medications and over-the-counter remedies can temporarily relieve symptoms, they do not address the root cause of migraine. They can have serious side effects that can lead to more severe headaches if they are not used correctly.