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What Are Safe Home Treatments For Headaches?

If we stay up too late, we are more likely to have a headache the next day. A headache is likely to occur if we sleep too late. A headache is often caused by overindulging in alcohol or food. A headache is often caused by anxiety or excessive worry about something. Headaches can be caused by too much noise or drumbeat. Too many chocolates and cheese can cause headaches.

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Headaches can be caused by eye strain. Headaches can be caused by too much or insufficient fresh air. Headaches can be caused by hormonal imbalances and, for women, the ‘time-of-the month’ headache. A headache can develop if we become constipated. Extreme headaches can result from injury or accident. A common cause of headaches is liver congestion. This requires a less rich diet. These problems are common causes of headaches.

Most people will reach for painkillers, even though they may not be the most effective. It is also possible that some medications can cause stomach inflammation or headaches. It is safer and more effective to find natural, simple ways to relieve headaches.

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Many interesting ideas have been recorded over the centuries. Pioneers from the central west of the U.S.A. were one example. After a haircut, they didn’t throw away the clippings. Instead, they gathered them up and buried them under rocks. It is unknown if the hair was exhumed later or if this one act was enough to relieve all future headaches.

Cottage lore and naturopathic practices provide a wide range of remedies and techniques, as well as traditional Asian healing techniques like acupuncture or acupressure.

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You can try some home remedies first, and most likely something will work for you. If that fails, professional massage, aromatherapy or chiropractic, osteopathic, herbal, or relaxation therapy are usually available. Self-help can be done with our own minds. You can use repetitive autosuggestion, a technique used by hypnotherapists, to heal yourself. We are not yet open to the possibility of self-healing, but the brain is becoming more well-known.

However, the headache symptom offers us an opportunity to use safe and drug-free methods to control our mind over our body frailties. Many of the home remedies that Grandma used to use are no longer valid, but they are still effective for treating simple complaints.

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Apply a cold compress to the forehead. While the cold water is being applied to your head, you can sit with your feet in warm water for a few moments. For a few minutes, sit upright in a darkened area and meditate. For a few minutes, you can sit straight up with your eyes closed and your spine straightened. Sometimes, this will work magic. Establish a few minutes of rhythmic, deeper breathing.

Take 10 deep inhalations of essential peppermint oil or lemon oil. Grandma used to inhale camphor for just a few deep breathes. Steam inhalation of eucalyptus oils is a good option. Warm water will warmly massage your neck and shoulders. Relax on the floor. To find sore spots, massage the temples. For a few seconds, maintain medium pressure.

Herbal Teas

A hot cup of green tea or tea will often relieve headaches in a matter of minutes. Thyme tea can be used fresh from the garden or dried. Other trusted options include ginger, peppermint and rosemary teas, as well as chamomile and feverfew teas. Some people prefer hot coffee to painkillers.

Final Tips

  • Acupressure can be used on the big toe by clamping the thumb, forefinger, and holding it for a few seconds.
  • Reflexology recommends pressure and massaging the thumb and its base. The sensitivity and soreness of the thumb and its base are indicators of where pressure should be applied.
  • To prevent headaches, iron and magnesium should be included in your diet. A light snack is often helpful. The liver can be cleansed by including grapefruit juice and diluted lemon juice.
  • Walking or moderate exercise can be beneficial, but be careful as it could irritate your condition.
  • While silence is the best, some people find soothing music to be helpful. If you feel stressed or nervous, writing in your daily journal can help to relieve tension and stress.
  • Talking to a trusted friend can help you relax your mind and emotions. If you allow your body to adjust to the common headache symptoms, it will. This is far better than resorting to chemical drugs that have side effects.


It is much more difficult to find the root cause of headaches. You can then use a natural and easy way to self-help to return to normal happiness and relaxed mood, with no negative physical reactions. Once you understand the cause of your headache, it is possible to avoid suffering from it again. It is a great feeling to feel confident in your ability to help yourself and avoid future problems.