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What Are Honey Bee Swarms?

Honey Bee swarms can be frightening to those who see them. However, they are not usually as dangerous as many people think. Bee swarms are a normal part of the reproduction cycle. When a hive is overcrowded, the queen begin to lay eggs in the queen cell. Queen cells are the only cells in the honeycomb that produce queen larvae.

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The queen larvae are young and eat only royal jelly, which is excreted from worker bees. These bees become fully matured when they eat royal jelly, which is what gives rise to queens. The queens become aggressive as soon as they hatch. In an attempt to control the colony, the bees sting one another.

Queens, unlike other colonies, do not have barbed-stingers and can sting multiple times. The queen bee is part of the colony that prepares for swarming. She stops laying eggs and eats less. The easier it is to fly, the lighter the bee. The queen and a part of the colony will fly to a temporary place. A swarm could contain the old queen and one or more virgin queens.

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Swarms can stay in one spot for as long as a few days. The bees will not be aggressive during this time, as they are usually full of honey and tired from flying. The temporary location is only a resting place while the scouts search for a new nesting site. Although swarms of bees can sting if they are agitated, the purpose of a nest is not to attack.

Beekeepers can pick up swarms of bees. It is important not to spray any kind of poison on bees or spray them with a garden sprayer. A bee exterminator can spray chemicals that not only kill the bees but also put the owner in danger.

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The beekeepers will take the bees and move them without using any harmful chemicals. California has a shortage of honeybees, so it is vital to save them. The pollination of many crops is a crucial role played by bees. If they are left alone, bee swarms can be dangerous. They should be removed as they can create more damage and a nest. A swarm of bees attacking an individual is rare, so it is not something that should be feared. Bee swarms are natural and bees are just fulfilling their reproductive cycle.